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Chinese Outbound Travelers and Tourists Market

millions Chinese outbound travelers in 2016


increase every year

millions travelers estimated for 2020

Our Services : The Best Methods to attract Chinese Travelers

Search Engine Optimization in Chinese

The Chinese tourists will intensively research and plan their holidays, especially on search engines such as Baidu to research travel opportunities. We provide ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ services for Baidu, 360, Sogou and Google : Auditing, Onsite Optimisation, Content Marketing, Backlinks & Inbound Marketing.

Search Engine Marketing

We provide SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services to attract visitors to your website, this is a useful e-tourism strategy. Baidu pay per click, analysis & reporting.

Social Media

Social media is very popular in the travel industry in China. Chinese tourists generally share information and experiences on social media, weibo, wechat, as well as in forums. We help you to communicate in the right way on these platforms. WeChat has today become one of the most important Marketing tool in Tourism.

Online Reputation Management

We offer online reputation management, diffusion of positive content, story telling, posting positive reviews, and can produce high quality articles to disseminate. More information here

Press Relation

We will improve your visibility on Chinese online media. We start with the creation of press releases, story telling and diffusing of content to suitable magazines or newspapers.

Website Design & Hosting

We design tourism website tailored for the Chinese market, and provide hosting in China & Hong Kong. We optimize it for SEO and translate your content in Mandarin Chinese.

Our Clients and Case Studies : Hospitality and Tourism

We are very satisfied by the Digital solution realized by Gentlemen Agency for our travel agency. We got our first customers after a few months and with excellent results in SEO on Baidu. We are still working with them to improve our results and our visibility



Our Agency

Why Choose us?

  • 100% Digital : All our Strategies are online based. We strongly believe that is the most cost efficient approach today in China.
  • Field Tested: We only sell what we know to be working. Techniques we used for our own visibility.
  • Return on investment : We based our strategy with our client end-goal in mind. Fully customized to fit your needs.
  • Experience : For over 5 years we helped Tourism professionals to find Chinese travelers.

Chinese Tourism Marketing Tips

Western insurance in China

To develop insurance and pension infrastructures while financing infrastructure projects outside its borders, China wants to tap into national savings. With Western-style expertise, the Chinese financial sector, which is now mainly focused on its local economy, wants...

The Sino-Moroccan collaboration is getting stronger

      China and Morocco are business partner. Good news for all tourism players and Morocco Brands that want to sell in China.   The Sino-Moroccan Virtual Forum on Tourism was organized by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism in partnership...

Why brands need to open an official WeChat account in China?

Let me explain to you about WeChat marketing in this article, and about official account : What is WeChat? WeChat a social media very closed Why open an official WeChat account? 1.What is WeChat WeChat is the first and most used social media in China. Its a super APP....

Don’t get cheated by Chinese Tour Agencies in 2020

You know that Chinese tourists love to travel in groups, so as a tourism company, you see the opportunity of doing business with them. But you also might know that as a foreigner you can easily get fooled by the Chinese if you don’t know how to do it. So, here are...

Problem of the Maldives to lure Chinese Tourists

To revive the tourism economy, countries are trying a variety of approaches to welcome new tourists. read also The Maldives reopened to tourists — and its hotels have some ideas to lure you back      Indeed, three main trends are emerging: Confining tourists...

The tourism industry in a bad patch in 2020

With government restrictions on Covid-19, billions of people are at home, crippling international travel and tourism. The tourism market is being hit hard, with massive job cuts. One in ten jobs and 10% of global GDP are linked to travel and tourism. Up to a third of...

How to find a good Chinese Tour Partner in 2020?

If you are looking at this article, then it is no secret for you that Chinese outbound tourism is an incredible opportunity for your business.  You've probably tried to contact Chinese tour operators, maybe you even tried to promote your services to Chinese travelers...

How to revive the 2020 season with Chinese tourists

The impact of Covid-19 over China As the first country to be affected by the pandemic, China is now considered a special case in the impact of the Covid-19. Indeed, China was able to react quickly, both in terms of government directives and by the population, which...

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