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Chinese Outbound Travelers and Tourists Market

millions Chinese outbound travelers in 2016


increase every year

millions travelers estimated for 2020

Our Services : The Best Methods to attract Chinese Travelers

Search Engine Optimization in Chinese

The Chinese tourists will intensively research and plan their holidays, especially on search engines such as Baidu to research travel opportunities. We provide ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ services for Baidu, 360, Sogou and Google : Auditing, Onsite Optimisation, Content Marketing, Backlinks & Inbound Marketing.

Search Engine Marketing

We provide SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services to attract visitors to your website, this is a useful e-tourism strategy. Baidu pay per click, analysis & reporting.

Social Media

Social media is very popular in the travel industry in China. Chinese tourists generally share information and experiences on social media, weibo, wechat, as well as in forums. We help you to communicate in the right way on these platforms. WeChat has today become one of the most important Marketing tool in Tourism.

Online Reputation Management

We offer online reputation management, diffusion of positive content, story telling, posting positive reviews, and can produce high quality articles to disseminate. More information here

Press Relation

We will improve your visibility on Chinese online media. We start with the creation of press releases, story telling and diffusing of content to suitable magazines or newspapers.

Website Design & Hosting

We design tourism website tailored for the Chinese market, and provide hosting in China & Hong Kong. We optimize it for SEO and translate your content in Mandarin Chinese.

Our Clients and Case Studies : Hospitality and Tourism

We are very satisfied by the Digital solution realized by Gentlemen Agency for our travel agency. We got our first customers after a few months and with excellent results in SEO on Baidu. We are still working with them to improve our results and our visibility



Our Agency

Why Choose us?

  • 100% Digital : All our Strategies are online based. We strongly believe that is the most cost efficient approach today in China.
  • Field Tested: We only sell what we know to be working. Techniques we used for our own visibility.
  • Return on investment : We based our strategy with our client end-goal in mind. Fully customized to fit your needs.
  • Experience : For over 5 years we helped Tourism professionals to find Chinese travelers.

Chinese Tourism Marketing Tips

How UNIQLO lure Chinese Consumers

  Disorder hit Chinese strip malls this past June when another KAWS and UNIQLO cooperation dropped. Mannequins were stripped, KAWS hashtags stopped up the advanced wireless transmissions, and recordings of developed men fighting over shirts turned into a web...

Event : SKP in Chengdu (China)

SKP is hoping to wander into Chengdu Chengdu Transportation Investment Group Co., Ltd. uncovered that it is going to acquaint the Beijing SKP venture with Chengdu and will advance the undertaking arrival (begin assembling or developing?) in the other 50% of the year....

Royal Ontario museum takes a crisp look at Chinese culture

Royal Ontario museum takes a crisp look at Chinese culture Set up on April 16, 1912, and opened on march 19 1914, the gallery has kept up close relations with the university of Toronto since its commencement, regularly sharing aptitude and resources. the historical...

How destination can attract Chinese investment ?

The countries (destination) of the world each have a different power of influence. China is a country with a population of 1.386 billion. Therefore its power of influence is increasing according to the impact its population has on the rest of the world. Countries are...

Boom Chinese Tourists in Iran (because of the free Visa)

Increasingly Chinese Voyagers in Iran after Lifting Visa System The Iran government consented to postpone visa prerequisites for Chinese tourists entering the Islamic Republic of Iran. Chinese voyagers would never again stamp guests' visas; (source) enabling them to...

Chinese tourists surpass European in Thailand

Why the Chinese are vastly more significant than the European Travelers to Thailand We have to wake up and take in the pleasant ambiance, us Europeans are never again a significant gathering for Thailand the travel industry – truth be told, we are what you would call...

The leading Chinese travel player search partnerships in Morocco

Chinese tourists love to travel in Morocco, and make a mammoth trip as Ctrip create the travel industry in Morocco Ctrip marked on Friday in Rabat a co-promoting association to build up the progressions of Chinese travelers in Morocco. Ctrip partnership RABAT - Ctrip,...

China Outbound Tourism Takes off in Saudi Arabia

The Chinese want to see oriental landscapes!     After a turbulent political history, the country is beginning to restore its image in the eyes of the world. Saudi Arabia opens its borders! The country is occupied by 33 million inhabitants which makes it the...

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