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How do we help you to generate Lead Generation in China?

Tourism is a lucrative business and capable of generating tremendous leads in the great China. This is because of the appetite of the Chinese to accommodate the pouring tourists from the west and other Asian neighbours like Indonesia. The Chinese have high expectation in tourism by selecting their online travel Agency to get tourists attention and generate leads.

Visibility is the key

We register and manage your company on the platforms.

Chinese website

Chinese website is the best way to reach more and more Chinese tourists.


Entice your Chinese Tourists through WeChat

Get WeChat account to attract many Chinese followers.


Online Reputation

Management of the image of your hotel and answers to the questions asked by the users on the forums.

Visibility is the key

In China, Google is unavailable thanks to the ‘’China Great Firewall’’, however, Baidu is present. It is the first search engine in China, with its more than 900 million search users and owns 80% of search engine market. If you rank your travel agency or hotel on the first or second page of Baidu, you will benefit from a huge traffic on your website.

Using relevant keywords will contribute to your high ranking on Baidu, especially if you optimize your website for Baidu.

It is also important to consider internal and external backlinks, by having them on your website, Baidu will trust you more.

Finally, in the process the get more visibility, you have to use PPC(pay-per-click), which is the process of paying to appear on advertising banners.


Chinese website

More than 900 million netizens in mainland China only makes it the most connected countries in the world. Chinese internet users spend more than 40% of their 24h on Internet; it means a Chinese website is the best way to reach more and more customers.

Once created, the website must follow a kind of protocol in order to be easily found by Chinese people who are doing a research on your company’s services and products.

Another important thing is to have a customer’s service available around the clock so you can be available for your Chinese visitors at any time.


Social Media Marketing

All foreign social media as Facebook, Whatapps, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social medias are all blocked by the ‘’Great China Firewall’’, instead, you have the Chinese social media like WeChat, Weibo, Qzone, RenRen, QQ.

Social Media market in China is very different from the western world. We can clearly see the difference at the number of users. Actually, there are more than 800 million active users on WeChat and 550 million on Weibo (Chinese version of  Twitter).

You can send push notifications, share valuable content in video, text or image with your followers. Chinese people comment, like and share interesting content. Do it right, and those followers will be leads for your travel agency



Develop positive comments and impact about your website and the word of mouth campaign. Good press relation from online portals can be used to improve e-reputations. Social media marketing through the word-of-mouth can improve image and visibility in China.

If you are fighting for entering the Chinese market, a digital marketing agency is your best choice. If you think you have enough leads from China, collaborating with a local professional will prove you that you can double this current number of leads. 


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Frequently Asked Question about Lead Generation in China


Travel agencies are more likely to be interested in the great Chinese market, and they’re right. It’s the most emerging country of tourists in the world. Chinese tourists are keeping a constant percentage of evolution each year: 20%. However, if a travel agency wants to exist and flourish in China, it’s vital to bespoke the marketing strategy and have a good presence online.


A Lead can be a website visitor or a company asking for a callback, a brochure or wants simply to buy the product or service you’re offering. So by extension, Lead Generation is attracting visitors to your platform and turning them into customers. Being able to have all the information about a lead who approached you (name, email address, phone number, etc) is the key that make you tailor your offer and contact them.


Word-of-mouth in China online is very important to the reputation of your brand. There are several ways to build a positive reputation.

– Build and animate a loyal community. Social networks will allow you to build your community and loyalty. While WeChat is the most used social network, Weibo can also allow you to gain reputation and retain new subscribers. This works like a microblog with a limited number of characters. Forums and blogs can also help you gain reputation.

– Use external sources. Relations presses and specialized blogs in the food and drinks are very important to have better visibility and reputation positive online. The Chinese will trust a restaurant that has been recommended by an online newspaper.


In China, Google is censored by the government and represents only 2% of users in China. The remaining 98% of Internet users in China use Baidu.
The main difference between Google and Baidu is the latter privilege priority in Chinese characters sites. Using these characters is paramount to your site and for all SEO campaigns.


Nowadays, with the increase of revenue, Chinese middle-class families like to spend their holidays abroad. They also like short tour holidays in the cruise as they are more easy and affordable to them, in contrast to long tours. They enjoy luxury service, shopping, casinos, Chinese food and live entertainment during their trips. Chinese specific expectations have to be catered for,


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