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How do we help you to generate Lead Generation in China?

Online Visibility

Be on all online platforms, be omnipresent and provide appealing and adapted content.

Chinese Website

Manage your website on the Chinese browsers to reach more and more Chinese tourists.

Wechat Official Account

Wechat is not optionnal if you want to reach Chinese customers.

Online Reputation

Management of the image of your hotel and answers to the questions asked by the users on the forums.

Content Creation

Create various and original campaigns fitting your brand DNA for the Chinese market.

Social Media

Keep up with your customer base and target new ones thanks to the power of community.

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More About our Leads Generation Services for Professionals of Tourism

Visibility is the key

In China, Google is unavailable thanks to the ‘’China Great Firewall’’, however, Baidu is present. It is the first search engine in China, with its more than 900 million search users and owns 80% of search engine market. If you rank your travel agency or hotel on the first or second page of Baidu, you will benefit from a huge traffic on your website.Using relevant keywords will contribute to your high ranking on Baidu, especially if you optimize your website for Baidu.It is also important to consider internal and external backlinks, by having them on your website, Baidu will trust you more. Finally, in the process the get more visibility, you have to use PPC(pay-per-click), which is the process of paying to appear on advertising banners.

Chinese Website

More than 900 million netizens in mainland China only makes it the most connected countries in the world. Chinese internet users spend more than 40% of their 24h on Internet; it means a Chinese website is the best way to reach more and more customers. Once created, the website must follow a kind of protocol in order to be easily found by Chinese people who are doing a research on your company’s services and products.Another important thing is to have a customer’s service available around the clock so you can be available for your Chinese visitors at any time.

Social Media Marketing

All foreign social media as Facebook, Whatapps, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media are all blocked by the ‘’Great China Firewall’’, instead, you have Chinese social media like WeChat, Weibo, Qzone, RenRen, QQ. The Social Media market in China is very different from the western world. We can clearly see the difference in the number of users. Actually, there are more than 800 million active users on WeChat and 550 million on Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter). You can send push notifications, share valuable content in video, text, or image with your followers. Chinese people comment, like, and share interesting content. Do it right, and those followers will be leads for your travel agency.


Develop positive comments and impact about your website and the word of mouth campaign. Good press relations from online portals can be used to improve e-reputations. Social media marketing through word-of-mouth can improve image and visibility in China. If you are fighting for entering the Chinese market, a digital marketing agency is your best choice. If you think you have enough leads from China, collaborating with a local professional will prove to you that you can double this current number of leads.

Why choose us to help you with lead generation in China?


With more than 1000 customers and 9+ years in the industry, we have extensive experience marketing to Chinese audiences. We offer various services that range from a one-time campaign for your business to long term strategies with continuous campaigns.

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Lead Generation in China - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in online marketing for lead generation in China?

Travel agencies are more likely to be interested in the Chinese market, and they are right. It’s the most emerging country for tourists in the world. Chinese tourists are keeping a constant percentage of evolution each year: 20%. However, if a travel agency wants to exist and flourish in China, it’s vital to bespeak the marketing strategy and have a good presence online.

What is Lead Generation?

A Lead can be a website visitor or a company asking for a callback, a brochure, or wants simply to buy the product or service you’re offering. So by extension, Lead Generation is attracting visitors to your platform and turning them into customers. Being able to have all the information about a lead who approached you (name, email address, phone number, etc) is the key that makes you tailor your offer and contact them.

How can my company get a good reputation in China?

China is a country that values reputation and word-of-mouth heavily, so it’s important to know how your brand can positively impact this. One way you can do this is by building trust with customers through product quality or customer support.

China has an enormous population of internet users who are constantly engaging in online consumption habits – including posting reviews on social media sites like Weibo and Baidu Tieba (think the Chinese version of Yelp). This means any type of feedback given about your company will be seen by thousands upon thousands, sometimes millions! It’s also much easier for people in China to spread false information quickly if they’re unhappy with something rather than waiting until their anger subsides before taking action; meaning even negative comments could have.

From WeChat to Weibo, the social networking world is a wide and varied place. However, whichever network you use should be used with care in order for it to act as an effective tool when trying to build your community or increase loyalty among subscribers.