Attract Chinese tourists to Luxury Shops

How do we help you to promote you Luxury Shop in China?

China is the world’s biggest luxury market that represents a half of the global luxury spends. It is also a market that really changes every time. The Chinese consumers are more and more sophisticated, so they are always looking for a new trend and a great brand.


Online Branding

We register and manage your Shop on the platforms.

Online Reputation

Management of the image of your Shop and answers to the questions asked by the users on the forums.


Baidu SEO

We increase the results of your restaurant on the search engine



We will send you a detailed report every month and an analysis of the results.

China’s global market

With the rising of disposable incomes rise, China’s luxury market is becoming more and more powerful in most areas including tourism/leisure, food, beverage, clothing and lifestyle products

Enter into the China’s market it’s not very easy even for a luxury brand. It’s due to many reasons: there are three default language with different dialects, make the luxury brand task very hard.

A purchase of luxury items continues to rise in China. China is a big opportunity for luxury brands, both international and domestic. However, Chinese consumers have different purchasing preferences and product tastes.

Choosing a right luxury advertising agency and make your brand popular and then diffuse it in Chine is a key of success of a company but also a beginning of many challenge.

GMA: a Luxury Advertising Agency

Gentlemen Marketing Agency is a Luxury advertising agency based in Shanghai, with a dedicated China marketing team which includes strategists, designers, copywriters and communications specialists.

We help luxury brands access this huge market through a new digital strategy marketing campaigns, latest social media trends and access to high net worth Chinese databases in China.

Our experience in the China market is your big advantage because we have seven years of experience in China and we use to work with Chinese and western brands

We think with you and help you to save time and money, as well as achieving greater marketing and brand campaigns in your marketing activities.

We know that there is a lot that goes into a luxury brand and we work with you to maximize your China strategy. GMA can work with you and help you to create a specific China strategy marketing focusing on every part of your brand and products.


Online Branding

We have a good strategy for increasing the popularity of a Luxury Brand in China : Viral Marketing, PR operation, using Key Opinion Leader.

For any luxury Brand, image is very important to attract rich Chinese customers. We used to work on the user experience and community management to improve your e-reputation in China.

We help brands for advertising their WebDesign and promote their services and multimedia tools. Visual is Key point in Luxury adverting in China.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is very popular in Luxury advertising in China. Chinese consumers used to check online a lot of information before taking any decision. We help Brands to communicate with the good message on the right platforms.

We can produce innovative video to let your Brand have a good experience in China. From the scenario, to the complete realization, we have a special team in charge of that.

A luxury advertising agency in China must be able to organize a photo shooting, recruiting model, create a special atmosphere, and give the photo that your customers will really like.


The biggest e-commerce Business in China is Clothing. More than 30% of the Luxury products are sold online. Then, you need a Luxury advertising agency, for helping your companies to build and set up its brand in the ecommerce.

We can influence Chinese Consumer habits and let them speak about your brand, and discover your universe.

It’s always better to have a celebrity or a KOL in your side, which can represent your brand in China. It’s important to get Brand Ambassadors of your products per city. We can handle this for you in China.

We can create buzz around your business and reach your target. Using Viral Marketing could be a very good strategy when it is well planned and well executed.

We are the most Visible Online Marketing Agency in China

We Work on KPI and ROI. We Make Money when You Make Money

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Frequently Asked Question about How to Attract Chinese tourists to Luxury Shops


Word-of-mouth in China online is very important to the visibility of your shop. There are several ways to build a strong visibility.
Digital marketing and social media are repeatedly considered as vital methods for Luxury shop to improve their reach a potential customer. The impact is even more important when it comes to Chinese travellers, to the point where an absence of an online presence will put you out of the running for Chinese purchasing.

Build added-value features facilitating the shopping experience, such as requesting a sales appointment or a highly functional global store locator. The WeChat store locator is the easiest and most accessible way to connect consumers to the brand.


Baidu owns 80 percent market share in the Chinese search engine market. More than just a search engine, Baidu serves many functions. Baidu Zhidao is equivalent Quora, a platform where users can ask questions and get answers.

Baidu Baike is equivalent to Wikipedia, a great source of educational information, and Baidu Tieba is a channel to target a very specific community, oriented around a well-defined theme. All of these functionalities can have relevance for a brand or retailer looking to gain traction with a Chinese audience.


Ensure your Shop locator is both accessible and relevant to the Chinese audience. Though pre-travel research often starts on Baidu, it is not unusual for a potential customer to go directly to the brand’s website when they are familiar with the brand and its offering.

It is still important to have the store locator very visible on the site. Proposing a global mapping system that can be accessed both from China and overseas to search both for point of sales in China and abroad is the best solution.

integrating WeChat QR codes into store merchandising, product packaging, catalogs, and any other collateral, will help to engage Chinese customer.

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