SEO Company in China (Shanghai)

We are SEO’s expert

Community Management for SEO

We provide you the China’s most innovative Social Media Marketing agencies.

Online Reputation

Management of the image of your hotel and answers to the questions asked by the users on the forums.

SEO for Ecommerce

We know all the best practices to reach your target Chinese consumers

Online Media Publications Management

We find interesting way to introduce your company.


Baidu SEO

We provide pioneering SEO solutions at practical and affordable prices


Internet Word of Mouth

We increase the online reputation of your website.


Marketing Content in Chinese

We focus on the most popular Chinese social networks, and appropriate website.


Keyword identification

We provide you relevant keywords.

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) for Baidu

SEO experts of Chinese SEO ecommerce shanghai based agency have rich experience in solving Baidu indexation issues. We understand the weaknesses, and know the best way to help discover and index your web pages.

Having a website that ranks on the first page of Baidu, So 360 or Sogou is no longer a luxury- it is a necessity for any modern marketing strategy. Marketingtochina, we are a specialized agency for Search Engine Marketing.

Baidu SEO is one of the core competencies of Chinese SEO ecommerce china agency.



Community Management for SEO

GMA is one of the China’s most innovative Social Media Marketing agencies.

A strong Social Media presence is critical for the success of any business. Not only is it a key ranking factor in the Search Engines, but it also introduces your brand to potentially billions of users.

Harnessing the power of this constant online conversation is fundamental in generating hype, buzz and huge volumes of visitors for any business: whether online or offline, whether locally or nationally.


E-Reputation in China

Online public relations is about your brand in China internet, in addition to building relationships with the most relevant online communities. With a little technical care, we can boost brand exposure and provide positive results again and again.

Misinformation, negative comments, and scandals are many on the Chinese Internet. A brand can easily be the victim of a bad buzz.

We are committed to providing our know-how to hide the negative comments and in return offer many articles and testimonials praising your brand or your product.


Internet Word of Mouth

We increase the online reputation of your website , because ecommerce is a matter of trust. Chinese Internet word of Mouth is so powerfull.
We understand that there are different needs when it comes to reputation management. But our firm is great at adapting to whatever the client’s needs are and creating a unique strategy that will fulfill all of those needs.





SEO for Ecommerce 


From consulting for your company and studying the best practices of your competitors to operating your B2C, B2B platform, SEO on Tmall, Taobao or other. We know all the best practices to reach your target Chinese consumers through the biggest marketplaces in the world.

Marketing Content in Chinese

What is SEO, is to transform a website in a reference, and content is the base of every search engine. All the Big players use Chinese tools, Chinese forums, Chinese News to communicate. We must therefore focus on the most popular Chinese social networks, and appropriate website.

We believe that content is the digital currency of a brand; the more content it has, the richer the brand.
Do not be afraid of content, really it can be described as anything that can be used to engage and inspire your consumer base. And we are here to help.

At gentlemen Marketing agency we build our clients content that starts conversations.

We are experts at assessing the needs of your particular target audience and what can be done to reach and inspire them.

Online Media Publications Management

To promote a website online, it is always useful to get good reviw from the Press. Our agency offers mainly Online PR, as online news portals are the most influential media in the country.
Our methodology :

  • Find interesting way to introduce your company
  • Writing press releases in Mandarin
  • Diffuse to journalists

Keyword identification

Keyword Mining is the process of finding relevant content keywords specific to an individual client’s business needs and objectives and may contain a list of reference keywords.

Keyword mining therefore is about finding keywords that describe the content. So it is very important to get the correct keywords before even looking at the design and layout of a website.

We are the most Visible Online Marketing Agency in China

We Work on KPI and ROI. We Make Money when You Make Money

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Frequently Asked Question about SEO

Company in China

How can search engine optimization impact my business?

The goal of strong search engine optimization is not just adding traffic, but it’s most about growing your online business by reaching potential consumers of your products and services.

With about 800 million people using the Internet and about 500 million people using search engines in China, the potential online audience is so large for businesses that a strategic and sustainable approach to capturing that market is crucial.

How Do I Choose the Best Keywords?

The first step in our SEO campaign is to develop a good Keywords Profile through Keywords analysis. Based on your initial input, we will use a combination of experience and expertise to generate a list of the most relevant and well-searched keywords in your industry.

We then work together to refine this list and compile the list of keywords and phrases that will be most beneficial to your product or services. We know how important it is to work together to generate the most effective Keyword Profile possible.

What’s the best SEO tool?

The main tools in SEO world consists to 3 sections, keywords selection, on-page optimization and link building. Nowadays, much more get involved, as for SEO analyzing, SEO performance.

SEO is just a tool to comply with marketing strategy, to serve for business objectives.


In China, Google is censored by the government and represents only 2% of users in China. The remaining 98% of Internet users in China use Baidu.
The main difference between Google and Baidu is the latter privilege priority in Chinese characters sites. Using these characters is paramount to your site and for all SEO campaigns.

Can you guarantee a number 1 position in the search engines?

Nobody can guarantee a number 1 position or specific ranking for your site for a given keyword or phrase in the organic search engine results. The search engines changing their ranking algorithms and rules every day.

This is the reason why, it is important to do a good SEO campaign.

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