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How do we help you to promote your Tourist Tour in China?

 Destination marketing is a marketing strategy of promoting a city, region, or country to attract more visitors. Until now, most destination marketing was done with traditional channels: social media, print, public transportation, and advertising. But the rapid growth of travel on a global scale has forced destination marketing agency to develop new ways to attract visitors. In the recent year, the rise of the revenue, the revealing of social media and the diversification of internet advertising, all of this contribute to develop a new way of thinking to destination marketing.

Online Platforms for Booking

We register and manage your Tourist Tour on the platforms.

Online Reputation

Management of the image of your hotel or restaurant and answers to the questions asked by the users on the forums.


Baidu SEO

We increase the results of your tourist tour on the search engine



We will send you a detailed report every month and an analysis of the results.


The  Chinese Travel platforms such as Ctrip, Qunar, Qyer, Mafenwo …  are the most applications used by Chinese tourists. They offer different suggest about the best best trip and offer establishments and services such as restaurants, hotels, cinemas, etc.

Chinese Internet users can visit the profile of the hotel and restaurant that interest them, look at the menu and photos taken by other restaurant’s guests.

Our marketing agency can help you promote your tourist tour on the platforms



TV shows became a new form of destination marketing. Now many TV shows about Chinese celebrity, are inspired many Chinese people to travel.

The using of pop culture to promote a destination shows the big change away from traditional media and towards connecting consumers with more personalized and unique experiences.

In the past, when people were making their travel decisions, they are just trusted advertisers passing on information, because there were no other channels to obtain additional information. But now, it’s totally different, consumers are smarter. If you told them something about new beautiful destination, they’ll ask what you are basing it on.


Baidu wants to use new forms of destination marketing in order to help destination advertisers or agency raise their ads’ visibility and click rate, such as creative content, graphics, and direct telephone bookings, because travel decisions are made based on more than rational factors, there are also emotional factors.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the root; any methods that surround this root will continually get powerful, and one day it will grow into a towering tree. Users spend only seconds on a given website, giving advertisers very little time to make an impression. More than two billion ads are displayed on wireless devices per day in China, and Baidu alone works with over 800,000 active online advertisers. The result is that users are presented with an overabundance of information, leaving very little time to sift through it all.


Reputation is so important for Chinese people. Develop positive comments and impact about your company and the word of mouth campaign. Good press relation from online portals can be used to improve e-reputations. Social media marketing through the word-of-mouth can improve image and visibility in China.

To do this, there are several ways such as press relations. You can encourage journalists or bloggers to publish online articles about your tourist tour, which will allow you to get a better reputation.

Our agency has more than 2000 online journalists on our address book and we select them in relation to your target audience.



Consumers are now more engaging with travel information during their trip. Then, destination marketing can’t just promote a brand and attracting visitors. It’s important to add faster and more convenient services, to help travelers make better decisions before the trip

According to Baidu, 93% of Chinese travelers use their smartphone during traveling to keep in touch with family and friends, and 60% use their devices to find destination info before departure. But only 21% use their mobile device to book and pay for their trip ahead of time.

to capitalize on the opportunities generated by the collaborative social media campaign, government,  tourism agencies and businesses need to actively monitor the content on the social media site of the celebrity ambassador, which in turn allows them to learn about the target customer and to customize the businesses’ offerings accordingly.

Gentlemen Marketing Agency

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Frequently Asked Question about Tourist Tour Promotion in China


If you want to enter in the Chinese tourism marker, you have to really understand what Chinese tourists like in order to see them spend money at your travel destination.

However, it is very difficult to summarize all the information of Chinese tourists because they can be so different according to different age, region, class and so on. It is crucial to pay attention to their unique characteristics and major differences between them in order to cash in on this new era of travelers.


With the rapid growth of e-commerce and mobile Internet, Chinese tourists spent more money via online travel agencies (OTA). Chinese tourists spent over 600 billion yuan ($87 billion) via OTA platforms, up 34 percent year on year.

Nowadays, more and more Chinese like independent travels to package tours. Especially, the New Generation(grown up 90s generation), who are highly individualized and strong-minded, has become the main E-consumers of those traveling user generated platform such as Mafongwo and Qyer.


Word-of-mouth in China online is very important to the reputation of your tourist tour. There are several ways to build a positive reputation.
– Build and animate a loyal community. Social networks will allow you to build your community and loyalty. While WeChat is the most used social network, Weibo can also allow you to gain reputation and retain new subscribers. This works like a microblog with a limited number of characters. Forums and blogs can also help you gain reputation.
– Use external sources. Relations presses and specialized blogs in the hotel andrestaurant are very important to have better visibility and reputation positive online. The Chinese will trust a travel agency that has been recommended by an online platform.


In China, Google is censored by the government and represents only 2% of users in China. The remaining 98% of Internet users in China use Baidu. It owns 25% of Ctrip, which is currently dominating the Chinese digital travel market.
The main difference between Google and Baidu is the latter privilege priority in Chinese characters sites. Using these characters is paramount to your site and for all SEO campaigns.


Successfully tapping into the huge pool of money spent by Chinese travelers abroad can be a complicated endeavor and in addition to understanding the customer, their behaviors, and their desires, it requires a team effort by a digital marketing, PR, and CRM teams both in or outside of China.

Chinese Consumer behavior changes rapidly, especially online, so it is crucial to continue experimenting with different tactics and strategies. It’s important to stay focus on what is their expectation in order to produce a good service.

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