Ritzy Raffles Hotel has gained international price after successful venture in Singapore by designing Singapore Sling. However, the futuristic plan of the Ritzy is to choose Boston for creating a mind blowing establishment for luring Chinese tourists in large number. Boston is the glossy site based in North America. Chinese students prefer Boston for higher studies. So, the $375 million worth real estate project must be successful to attract Chinese tourists.

$375 Million worth Ritzy Raffles Hotel in Boston for Chinese Tourists

Jeffrey Saunders, CEO of Saunders Hotel Group has shared partnership with Raffle to complete this valuable project in Boston. Educational tourism flow from Shenzhen and Beijing will increase to Boston. Therefore, there must be good standard accommodation, and arrangement of food for Chinese students. Schools, colleges and universities in Boston are now extremely modernized. So Ritzy Raffles Hotel will be the most attractive destination for Chinese travelers to spend the holidays in America.  

Naonnet , the hotel developer has been booked to construct a 5 start resort with 33 stories in total. By 2021, this classic hotel will be inaugurated to entertain Chinese travelers.  The luxurious hotel will have 293 hotel rooms which must be well furnished with eye-catching interior decor. Saunders believes that more five star hotels and resorts will be established in Shenzhen and Suzhou in upcoming years.  Chinese tourism and leisure industry is flourishing with the improvement of the financial strength of Chinese people. Millionaires in China send their children to America for schooling. They prefer Boston to educate their kids in American style. Frankly speaking this trend boosts up Saunders to plan for creating a marvelous resort in Boston.

Trend among Chinese People to Visit Boston for Education

Harvard University generates more erudite students and creative scholars. The high profile elegant class in China likes to be settled in Boston for giving good education to children. Even President Xi Jinping has not forgotten to send his daughter to Boston for completing post graduation degree. So, more hotels and cost effective accommodation are required to ensure the life care of these travelers coming from China.

Raffles Hotel & Resorts will give a surprise to Chinese people. Boston is a historical place. Many Nobel laureates, elegant political leaders, film critics and think tanks have had sweet memories over Boston city. The new hotel will be gorgeous and work of art. It will have sophisticated luxurious bed rooms, café, spas and discotheques. The cool and eco-friendly ambience indoor must be perfect for Chinese travelers.

Technological Innovation Helps Chinese People to Visit Western Countries

When China is trying to expand its domestic tourism business with Europe, this type of venture must lure China to concentrate on long lasting tie-up with America.  EU Chinese tourism is promoting by billionaires in China.  Young generation in Beijing prefers to go to EU nations for enjoying summer vacation. They also select less-costly places in Europe for making trips.  Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia and Poland are chosen by Chinese travelers.

They book online tickets to visit these less popular destinations in non EU countries. The fact is that America is always glossy. People from Asia and Africa emulate the upgraded western lifestyle. They try to speak in American accents.  With the innovation and change in domestic lifestyle in China, major portion of moneyed communities in Beijing feels crazy to undergo expedition in America.  So, Ritzy Raffles is just utilizing this trend to strengthen up the sweet bond of partnership to occupy niche in Chinese tourism sector.

 Chinese cyber technology is being improved. Lot of international luxury brands are now sold through WeChat and Uni marketing platform. So people who have money and power have no problem to visit Boston for enriching their lifestyle.

How to attract more Chinese Tourists in your hotel?

Website and Search Engine Optimization

The first thing to do for attracting the Chinese travelers in your Hotel is to have a website with the content written in creative Chinese language. The content should be high quality, with perfectly featured pictures, videos and relevant keywords that can rank high in Baidu. Your website should be mobile responsive because the Chinese are always browsing for information. Hotel Websites that are displayed on a mobile screen are viewed positively on mobiles and booked directly from mobile phones.

Baidu, the first Chinese search engine, gives Chinese websites priority, by making image and visibility among the internet users much attractive. This is the main search engine that can make a hotel in China to be viewed easily and booked.

Online PR in China

Digital Marketing in China has become stronger with press release portal especially the word-of-mouth campaign. It makes a hotel in China to be more visible in a positive way. This tool can be used as guest posts on a website or blog, as a review of an article, or a hotel name can be published in their articles. Magazines which specialize in luxury hotel information like Sina Travel, CNGold or DuGoogle can be used to give great news about their activities.


Hotel has to work on their reputation because good reputation will make all the difference with the other competitors. The Chinese have a culture of sharing their hotel experience of reputation with friends, fans and family members. A hotel has no choice but to get among good qualities of the image, visibility and more importantly good, positive online reputation. 

When Chinese luxury visitors are looking for a hotel on Baidu, they give attention to websites with positive comments. Offer complementary services on-site to positively impact on Chinese customers’ online reviews.

Online Booking Platforms

Ctrip mobile app

Most Chinese internet users have been booking their hotel through websites of online travel agencies. The main websites used in booking luxury hotels are Ctrip, Qunar, eLong, LY and the official hotel websites if provided. A mobile responsive website like Ctrip is the leading OTA booking brand in China. Online booking websites are also places of great review for information as a guest will tap into it for brand inquiries.

Based on the performing level of online booking platforms, Chinese social media platform have played significant roles of publicity to improve hotel images. Social media platforms like WeChat, Weibo, QQ, RenRen and Qzone are the hotel marketing promoters in China.

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