Do you want a list of Chinese travel Agencies ?

If you want a list, you can contact us or writte a comment to explain who you are , your travel company and tell us if you want to collaborate with Chinese travel Agencies.

A Chinese travel agency is a private retailer service  or public governement Agency that provides travel related services to the public on behalf of suppliers such as activities, Trip, holiday packages, Cruise, Flight ticket, hotel Booking etc.

They are based in China, have direct access to Chinese consumers and search to collaborate with International Agencies when they have Chinese clients.

When they wants collaborate with oversea travel Agency they :

They will search on Baidu what Companies they can find

They will check their reputation

They will ask advice on Social Media like Wechat

They will ask price to their short list

and negociate the best deal for them, and for their clients

May decide to work with your Agency or not.


Prospecting Chinese travel Agencies

It is difficult to contact them difrectly for many reason.

  • If they do not have clients at the moment they will ignore you

  • Chinese hates prospectors (most of them are cheaters in China)

  • They collaborate with serious companies, not cheaters

  • They need Chinese website  , wechat information

  • They want packages in Chinese

  • Need to deal with a Chinese



Some Big Player (Chinese Travel Agencies)


Ctrip is a leading provider of travel services including accommodation reservation, transportation ticketing, packaged tours and corporate travel management

Ctrip contact Tel Number 400 619 9999

-One of Asia’s Top Online Travel Agents
-250 million members
-30 million real user reviews
-270,000 domestic and 500,000 international hotel 
-Around 2 million flight routes connecting 5,000 destinations
-Safe, secure payment options
-Award-winning customer Service



website :

Quanr was founded in May 2005 on the line, the company is headquartered in Beijing. “Where to go” to provide travel search comparison services, and hotel (China, international) sales, air tickets (China, international) booking service. Now “where the network” contains: hotels, air tickets, buy, vacation, train tickets, Raiders, travel plans, vacation and several major channels.

Tuniu 途牛旅游网

Tuniu is the #1 pure play e-commerce platform of third-party travel tour packages in China. Tourism is the third largest driver of consumer consumption in China and Tuniu offers more than 2,000 domestic and overseas packaged tours departing from ten cities. Tuniu (Nasdaq:TOUR) is a leading online leisure travel company in China that offers a large selection of packaged tours, including organized and self-guided Trip.

website :


Uzai is a Chinese Travel online Agency, and focalise on Chinese Group and independant travellers.

Website :

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