Islands : New fashionable destination

Islands : New fashionable destination

The Maldives welcomed 1 million tourists in 2004, wich corresponds to an increase of 17% compared to the previous year. Chinese tourists are meanwhile 20% of this population with 200 000 tourists while they were only 40 000 there 5 years.

Each week, nearly forty aircraft from China facing Maldives. In addition, due to the proximity of the island. China is the largest issuer market for years.

 More flights « low cost » between China and the Maldives

mega maldives

Georges Weinmann, a young American entrepreneur has seized this new trend and realized there was an oppotunity. He created a low-cost airline from Shanghai called

« Mega Maldives Airlines ». He thinks that in the next ten years, the Maldives can become to China what the Caribbean to the United States.

China’s growing international tourism and especially the upper middle class is one of the highest in the world and is expected to continue over the next ten years. In the 2000’s the World Tourism Organization had 20 000 Chinese international tourists. By 2020 it was 100 000 Chinese are expected to travel around the world. Chinese tourists are the most spendthrift in the world custumers. It is derived from the Chinese upper class with a huge purchasing power, they spend lavishly.

Mauritius is also trying to attrach Chinese tourists

For Mauritius, priority is China and its many tourists who wish to attract 20 000 tourists in 2014 more than last year. The authorities were determined to exceed the base of one million international tourist arrivals or have progressed very little ( three per cent in one year). Large luxury hotels are much tourists head rubbed shoulders because now more towards Bungalows and homestays.

It is true that Mauritius does not adapt its offer to Chinese customers, the air service is not progressing but new hotels are continuing to build. Consequence : The filling rate is stagnating.

Other islands also want to developer market

After success of Malfives, other islands also want their developer market to Chinese customers. Seychelles particular which now only 4400 people.

As for the island of Reunion, Chinese tourists are not present, but initiatives have been taken, but the air service is very reliable and the allocation of visa is limited.

China represents a great opportunity for the islands, she now adjust their bids according to the demand of Chinese customers.

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