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Switzerland Tourism attracts more Chinese Tourists

Switzerland is one of the most attractive countries in the world. Thanks to its good economic performance, its standard of living and good environment,  the Switzerland tourism attracts many Chinese tourists.

The global tourism industry is affecting by the boom of Chinese tourists. The figures prove that:

  • In 2016, there were 1.235 billion international tourist arrivals worldwide, with a growth of 4% as compared to 1.186 billion in 2015.
  • 35.5 million overnight stays in Switzerland in 2016
  • Chinese tourists registered 19.3 million overnight stays
  • 50% of the budget of the Chinese tourists is indeed dedicated to shopping.
  • They spend an average of 350 francs per day.

Presentation of Switzerland

  1. Switzerland tourism

    Switzerland Tourism is a source of income that we should not be neglected. The tourism industry is the 4th source of income for the country and has created 4% of jobs in the country in 2012.

Switzerland has more than 4,500 hotels and  offering more than 248’000 beds for a total of 36 million overnight stays per year. In 2015, domestic tourism represented 45% of the total nights.

Initially, tourism was limited to summer. The abundant snowfall prevented long travel during the winter. It’s just with the advent of winter sports, that winter holidays won a little more notoriety.

Chinese tourists are now very attracted by the differents attractions and landscapes that Switzerland can offer.

China is the fourth largest contributor to Switzerland’s tourism market, making up 7.5 percent of its foreigner tourists

Switzerland tourism

Chinese tourists are big spenders, who are not afraid to spend their money in luxury or shopping trips. That is very positive for the Switzerland tourism industry. Chinese tourists represent a real mine of gold for the Switzerland.

In China, go on vacation in Switzerland is synonymous with well-being and wealth. The Switzerland is a dream destination that is extremely expensive and is very favored by the rich Chinese tourists.

In Switzerland, the most popular destinations for Chinese tourists are Lucerne and its surroundings. Sibylle Gerardi, responsible for communication at Lucerne tourism said: “The Chinese are today in the region (Lucerne, Uri, Schwyz, Nidwalden, and Obwalden) our second market after Swiss tourists”. The tourist office invests a lot to seduce.

For Switzerland Tourism, China is a strategic market: “They have a high growth potential more than average,” said Veronique Kanel, spokesman for Switzerland Tourism.

The Chinese president Xi Jinping, praised the beauties of the Switzerland and proclaimed 2017 “year of tourism”

Switzerland Tourism is given intended to step up its promotional activities in China, creating several events on-site. This new program allows to develop many approaches including participation in a major show dedicated to winter sports.

In total, Switzerland Tourism has planned to invest this year 3.9 million francs in Chinese market operations. Or 6.4 percent of its annual marketing budget.

The strategy chosen by Switzerland Tourism is to target wealthy chinese tourists, who already know Europe for coming at least once already, and who dream to offer a great vacation, traveling individually or in a small group.

Morever, with the arrival of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, the Chinese have a greater interest in the activities of gliding. But only those who have plenty money can come to Europe to ski.

The Chinese president Xi Jinping, on an official visit to Berne and Davos, praised the beauties of the Switzerland and proclaimed 2017 “year of tourism”. What boosted the Swiss tourism sector.

Switzerland tourism

For example, Champéry, make de big efforts to welcome Chinese tourists and reduce the culture shock. For proof, thanks to Suissechic, two Chinese chefs are recently worked at a restaurant in the station. Thus, tourists will be able to find the flavors of their country. Furthermore, and a translator will be available to them.

The strengths of Switzerland for many Chinese tourists  

Switzerland tourism
Wine and grapes, Lavaux region, Switzerland.

Switzerland quickly seduced Chinese tourists, because the country has what a Chinese tourist are looking for when they go on a trip abroad.

There are not Swiss regions who don’t feed some tourist ambition, with its many hotels and luxury shops that allow Chinese tourists to indulge in their favorite pastime on a trip: shopping. 50% of the budget of the Chinese tourists is indeed dedicated to shopping.

The Switzerland has also adapted to Chinese consumers by including the possibility to pay for purchases with union pay, payment system with which almost all of the Chinese Bank cards will work.

Another charm of Switzerland for the Chinese tourists: mountain resorts, for mountaineering and hiking in the summer, or for skiing in the winter, as well as stations on a lake for water activities. In addition, many cities are tourist destinations and there are also many rustic areas, which include the long chain of the Jura.

For tourists, the Alps are indisputably the big attraction. In summer, they come for hiking and climbing in the winter for snow and skiing.

Switzerland tourism

Summer 2016 had been very hard for Switzerland Tourism: nearly 20% drop compared to summer 2015

Switzerland tourism

Switzerland Tourism has announced a decline of Chinese customers, during the period from May to October.

Summer 2016 had been very hard for this market: nearly 20% drop compared to summer 2015, the nights of Chinese tourists had exceeded 1.5 million, according to the federal Office for statistics (OFS).

This decline was due to many factors including the attacks in Europe, which have greatly pulled up the desire to travel.

We also noted, the decline of Chinese purchasing power and the introduction of the biometric Schengen visa end of 2015, which complicated administrative procedures.

But the opening of additional centers to treat the Chinese visa applications should facilitate they’re coming this summer.

how to attract Chinese tourists in Switzerland ?

The travel and tourism market is an important source of revenue  to many economies and persons. then is crucial to build a strong strategy if you want take part in this market.

You wish to enter the most lucrative market in the world?

Lead Generation

Chinese market is very fierce. The strategy of attracting and capturing Chinese tourists and converting them into clients is unique, fragmented and dynamic in China social media landscape. The Chinese’s tourists want to see rich and authentic content before giving their interest. In China, tourism agencies willing to convert Chinese tourists should, first of all, understand the chinese expectations and adapt their services to Chinese tourists. They are more and more sophisticated; they love the quality and authentic/exlusive service.

Baidu SEO

SEO on Baidu leads to more exposure and traffic. For increasing your visibility online, you have to optimize your website and the content to deliver SEO results on Baidu. This is the largest Chinese search engine with 70% of the market. The process is different in China, different skills and techniques are required when compared to western search engines like Google.

Google is blocked in China, Companies that understand this will have a competitive advantage because they will build up a better online image and reputation. Smart SEO strategy focuses not only on improving the ranking of your website but also creating quality content for potential customers.


The internet is full of many storytellings and news that affects brands in one way or the other. The Chinese’s tourists are looking for tourism agencies or hotels that have a good image and more visibility; they often create social buzz and forums to gauge the reputation of company. A tourism agency that wants to keep the Chinese tourists as active clients has to promote its image on the right online portals to engage Chinese interest. Social media platforms like Weibo, Wechat, Sina can be used by press campaign marketers to utilize Chinese bloggers, key opinion leaders, banner displays, and influencers.

Social Media in China

Social media in China is not so difficult; the secret is to generate “traffic”. In China, the best way to reach more and more chinese tourists is to use chinese platforms like:

  • Wechat
  • Weibo
  • Tieba
  • Tianya
  • Douban
  • etc

you also can work with Chinese KOL(Key Opinion Leaader). The KOL are very popular in China.They are  the best influencers, who can boost the trafic of your agency. Then, it’s very important to work with them.

Our Agency’s target:

– being renowned as a dedicated Chinese social media channel to support our clients in this field,

– To educate and explain digital works in China and demonstrate how well we know our industry.


If you are:

  • Swiss tourist agency,
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We know how to make you enter the Chinese Market .

We know how to make develop your tourism business in China.

We guarantee you will get more Chinese tourists by improving your online visibility

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  1. Dear GMA,

    My name is Gaetan, 22 years old from Switzerland. I’ve read your article about chinese tourists visiting more and more my country. I also travelled in many countries in the world and I found that many tourists (who can’t speak french or german) are not often well treated.
    As you maybe know, prices in Switzerland are really expensive, but it is important for a tourist to get what he paid for.

    This is why I’m starting slowly my own business by purposing some private tours in my country. (pick up at airport, selection of hotels / restaurants if needed, original tour by a young swiss citizen.

    Do not hesitate to reply me if you need more informations.
    Best regards,

    1. Hello Gaetan,

      My name is Carmen and I am a Zurich photographer specialized in portrait photography.
      I’m reaching out to you in hopes of discussing a possible opportunity to work together in the future. Recently I’ve been approached by a number of tourists looking for a photographer to document their trip in Switzerland. If you think that this is a service you could offer please feel free to get in contact with me at info@carmen.photo.

      You can check out my work here:

      It would be great to have a discussion and establish a relationship so that we can hopefully find some synergy together.
      Thank you!


  2. Heloo my name is atazaz I am from Pakistan city GIlgit I would like attract to world my city is natural beautiful and have good environment and culture people of Gilgit baltistan is very hospitable and frank kindly visit here and enjoyed from good weather and natutal beauty we have high peak like k2 mountain is located here and the others small mountains are here thanks.

  3. Hello

    Zurich has been my favourite place ive been in ,
    I had the best time , the food was amzing and
    the landscape was always beautiful.

  4. Heey

    its great to see how many tourists that come from china contribute
    to switzerlands tourism specially with what has happened lately in the world
    it offers hope to stabilize things.

  5. Hello

    its great how so many countries recieve with open arms the tourists from so many different backgrounds , switzerland is the pinnacle of traveling cant wait to visit.

  6. Hello
    Im half swiss but have lived all my life in Panama city, I have visited a couple of times
    and it has been great and would like to return soon

  7. Hello
    I had the amazing opportunity to visit zurich last year because one of my best friends is living there and it was great, I did notice a lot of Asian tourists , so I can say this read is correct!!

  8. Greetings

    Swiss people have been so warm to me and my family every time we have visited
    literally cannot recommend it enough.

  9. Hello
    I live in Hong kong and went to Switzerland 8 years ago
    and it has been the best trip I have ever had. fully recommended.

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