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10 Digital Strategies you need to learn if you work in Travel industry in China

Nowadays, thanks to an increasing buying power, Chinese tourists began the most wanted all around the world. In 2015, more than 100 million Chinese tourists crossed borders of their country. Tourism companies have to know how to attract them and here we are going to introduce you how can you do that in an efficient way. (See also old article)

Travel industry in China

Chinese tourists

Website in Chinese

In order to start any activity on the Chinese digital market you have to create a website, in Chinese and preferably hosted in China (Chinese people are more trustful when they see a .cn and they all are not able to read English). You need some information about how to market a website in China? Click here.

Provide precise and relevant content

If you want to attract people and be efficient, you need to have a good reputation and in order to reach this point you need to introduce to the user an interesting content and precise information and generate a large interest from them. You can for example give some information about what the country can provide them and show them the different offers.

Example http://tourfrombali.cn/ 

tour tourism China


Create a good user experience

Why? Because if we want to attract people in a country we have to make them dream and catch them a long time on the website. They have to take the time to discover before to take a decision and if the website is ugly, too slow or doesn’t provide enough information, the target will leave the website and will not have the willing to visit what you offer to him. If the experience is good, it can be beneficial, for example the user will share the website on the social medias.

happy Chinese travellers

Local search engines

If you want to integrate the Chinese market you have to be aware of the local search engines, firstly because Google is blocked, and then because Chinese travelers are constantly connected and for many of them they use Baidu. If you are not viewable no Baidu, you will loose a lot of potential customers.

Baidu Zhidao

Importance of SEO

How to talk about search engine without saying something SEO? If you want to be viewable on Baidu you have to deserve it. Like for Google, users only pay attention to the first page (and sometimes, but not often the second…) so if you are not there, they will never reach you. SEO is one of the most important thing beside your digital marketing campaign. You can find in this article some tips to boost your SEO.


Social networks in China

As we said in the last paragraph, social medias are important because they allow people to share about what they lived, what they saw and how good was their experience. To be on the social medias doesn’t mean only that you have to manage your own page, you need also to use this way to be in contact with users. E

“Chinese People are connected and social Media is the key to touch them ” explain this Chinese culture expert based in Shanghai. 


Explore social medias can give you interesting information about your future customers and with that information you can adapt yourself to what they need. Our advice is to have your own page on Weibo (200 million daily users), the Chinese twitter, to promote your services. It’s one of the most important thing in your digital marketing strategy. More information about social medias in China here.


WeChat and its 500 million users

This app is one of the best way to reach Chinese travelers. As every social networks, it’s a way to be close to your consumers. Whechat allows you to create a community around your business and then discuss with your clients about what they want. Furthermore, In China people are used to check information on WeChat, and share their experiences in “moment” with them friends. It’s essential to take in account this app in your digital marketing to reach Chinese tourists.

wechat marketing

Key Opinion leader campaigns

As we talked about social medias, influencers are really important, especially in China. Key opinion leader is usually someone really famous who has thousands or millions followers. They are use as brand ambassador. In the tourism industry, KOL are really important because many destinations are famous only because the influencer shared information about his holidays in the country. You want to know more about the power of KOL in China? Click here.


Be part of the conversation

It’s really important for travelers to know the opinion of people who’ve been in a place they want to go. So when someone share what he thinks about you in tripadvisor or in the social medias, you have to be quick to answer and accept this opinion, even if it’s a bad comment. Then you will improve your reputation and attract more people.

Digital China marketing

Make people dream

To promote a country, a hotel or a travel, the most efficient solution consists in make people dream. You have to use pictures of really famous places and play with users’ emotions (for example to show a short movie – which is really trendy in 2016 – showing two lovers who are visiting Paris and a romantic act in front of the Tour Eiffel.


You are working in the tourist industry and you want to enter the Chinese market? Feel free to contact us at this address: contact@agence.marketing-chine.com

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