Chinese are active tourists with a high taste of visiting important places of interests. They search for a travel agency, hotel, resort, entertainment company and tour guide looking for hotels with their best digital solutions. To attract Chinese tourists, a brand must have an enticing website in China. Our consulting agency services can provide you with the necessary requirements that can make your website attractive to Chinese tourists to patronize your brand in:

Multimedia services with either photo or video

Website audit to make it visible to Chinese

Content marketing and quality language translation

E-business consulting services

Website hosting solutions within China

SEM or Advertisements [Baidu/PPC]

The Chinese will access the quality of hotels they want to lodge in before travelling. It is important to provide clear online travelling information through advertisements especially Baidu pages for them to pick from. They view from online where their opinion can count, and places that can provide a great experience.

 SEO on Baidu

Most Chinese concentrate their search for travels through Baidu pages. To attract Chinese tourists, brand content should rank high on Baidu pages, with a good rating on visibility. Chinese search engines are a mandatory condition for brands to improve image on the website and attract Chinese tourists. To appear with high ranking is what a brand can do by:

Optimizing the content

Updates of landing page management

Net-linking with inbound marketing [Backlinkstrategy]

Auditing and structure optimization


Community Management on Chinese Social Media

Most western social media like Facebook and Tweeter don’t operate in China because of censorship; brands are forced to rely on Chinese media like microblogging Weibo and WeChat. Brand that will attract Chinese travellers should be able to:

Create and design an official website account with these platforms

Work towards community development

Simulation of conversion on blogs, contents and social media

Discussion with potential customers through key opinion leaders

Community management for Chinese travellers is mainly found in Weibo, WeChat, Blogs and other forums like Douban, QYER, Tuniu and Ivmama. These are travel-oriented social platforms that the Chinese tourists search for the overseas travel bookings. Brands need video sharing platforms like Youku to share hotel and other travelling information with the tourists. Favorite online places like CITS, Ctrip, along, and Qunar is areas to check for travelling information.

Integration of booking platforms

Brands should provide e-booking platforms for online booking by Chinese tourists from their country. Multiple e-booking platform companies will attractive Chinese holiday tourists to search and pay for their facilities. With smartphones, they transact from the comfort of their homes to connect whatever they want anywhere.

Key Opinion Leaders [KOL]

Travel brands can use this marketing tool which comprises of well-known leaders with strong influence and vast experience in travelling, blogging, journalism, tourism and content to target your Chinese tourist profile specifically. These leaders gather huge communities and display contents related to their experience. They show your destination, relate their experience in a perfect way that will impact communities and followers on social media channels with wider coverage.

Other Attracting Indicators

There is couple of things that Chinese tourists look for that brands can offer to attract them with:

A relaxing experience that can meet their expectation in the course of their tour, brands can look out for what will keep Chinese tourists comfortable.

Chinese Tourists Spending Capacity is mainly on luxury items like shoes, handbags and other fashion items. Facilities of this nature can attract the Chinese for tours.

Group travelling arrangement is an opportunity to attract Chinese tourists when presenting travelling advertisements for tourists.

Our services can provide Brands with:

Information about Chinese tourists

Best travel Guide about nature of hotels that can attract Chinese tourists

Connect brands to key opinion leaders that can influence tourism in favor of brands

Promote brands image and visibility to become Chinese tourists’ favorite