Why brands need to open an official WeChat account in China?

Let me explain to you about WeChat marketing in this article, and about official account :

  1. What is WeChat?
  2. WeChat a social media very closed
  3. Why open an official WeChat account?

1.What is WeChat

WeChat is the first and most used social media in China. Its a super APP. 1 billion Chinese people use WeChat (personal and professional). Its a mix between what’s ap and facebook. You can chat like what’s ap, call video, publish moments like facebook

For Chinese people, WeChat :

  • It’s their message,
  • It’s their life,
  • It’s there working tools,
  • It’s a way they call people,
  • It’s a way they receive information,
  • It’s a way to socialize with the group,
  • And it’s a way they can paid,

Its a really great application

2. WeChat marketing

WeChat is not a tool to get massive visibility because of its very closed social media. It’s extremely closed you have no search engine, it’s extremely difficult to find information, you have a lot of information but there are no search bars, it’s not open. For example, if you want to search the last trendy lipstick of L’oréal you will go on baidu the Chinese search engine, and not on WeChat

It really matches if you want to have a personal relationship with your customer but the problem that you have on WeChat is to attract the right people the right follower to follow your brands and to ask questions of because it’s very private. So, Chinese people use WeChat as we use email or as we use short messages so if you can get one of your potential client’s WeChat accounts, that’s where you can sensitive your customer

There are a lot of groups on WeChat but they are closed, you can’t find them outside, Because it’s extremely closed it’s extremely difficult for brands at the beginning to leverage it. 

So, we help brands to market themself on WeChat, the result takes a lot of time because you need to first create content, you need to takes time to build the community and after a long time after the result will come. So, it’s may make a lot of sense but its really ineffective, especially at the beginning. That’s why, we advice to start using all the social media and to drive like traffic to your WeChat account, so we take your WeChat account as your website

3. Why do you need a certified WeChat account?

You need to open a professional account, the first step is to open an account, an official account. Its a professional WeChat and it takes between 1 to 2 months, its a long time because we will ask you a lot of information.

more information here

Why do you need to open a professional account?

the customer needs to trust the brand

Let’s take the example of L’oreal, the account is certified and we can check that, its an official so consumers trust it and that’s why they follow the account.

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