Virtual tourism increases online bookings by an average of 85%. Over recent years, The tourism sector has been gradually integrating the use of Virtual reality to help build up better relationships with the user, educate and convert Chinese customers and improve customer engagement.

What is virtual tourism?

Virtual tourism is the application of virtual reality including augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR)  to tourism. Enhanced forms of virtual reality allow you to interact with that environment using extra equipment, such as gloves fitted with sensors.

Virtual tourism is effective not only in enticing people to visit an area but in helping them plan out what they’re going to do and how they’re going to spend their time once they’re there.

Incorporating virtual tours into your planning process can help in a big way. By having a reservation button on your travel website page, you are already pushing your future Chinese customers in the right direction and are helping them do exactly what you want them to do.

You are helping your visitors better understand your store by showing the global ambiance through your virtual tour. Your Chinese visitors are then more likely to book directly from the website.

Why Virtual Tours will help to enhance your Tourism Business?

The influence of virtual tourism on Baidu SEO

Baidu SEO is usually a misunderstood element of online visibility for foreign Businesses. Most travel agencies don’t see the importance of investing in a good Baidu SEO strategy because the results of SEO are not always black and white. It usually takes a minimum of 3 months to see actual results and most people that don’t even aware that they can track the results of their SEO campaign.

Basically, Baidu has its own version of “Google Analytics”. By having access to this type of data, any business would clearly see the value of Baidu SEO, in-fact they would see how much in-store traffic they generate with their current listing.

Virtual Tours increase interaction

You have probably read about content marketing and the importance of it. Content is the king and presented in different forms. Video, Photo, Text, Audio, etc. By creating rich content and by publicizing it on different social platforms, you sure help your brand. But don’t forget that there is a proper way to do this.

In fact, posting nonsense or unattractive content will certainly not help your cause. In the end, it’s all about the engagement between your brand and your audience and they are not going to engage with poor content.

One of the best ways to generate engagement is to increase the interactivity of your post. Good customer services are a good example of great engagement because they can personalize the experience of your audience and they can adapt to the behavior of your audience.

Virtual tours generate massive organic reach. Virtual tours can generate a huge amount of organic views.

  1. It Helps Your Baidu SEO
  2. It Increases Your Website Traffic

By starting with low investment, like a virtual tour of your business, you’ll be able to cover in-store traffic and website traffic, which allows you to expand on some more interesting strategies in the future.

Quality information is so important. In fact, we are faced with the fact that the purchase or reservation process is mainly rational. That is, in this complex process the consumer considers not only the choice of destination but also the price and the activities he could experience there.

The tourist could at least explore and live a specific experience to assess whether it will be satisfactory or not, in order to make the reservation. Emotions are also very important to influence the decision-making process of tourists.The virtual tour is able to activate the emotions by stimulating the users’ senses. Because with virtual reality users are able to interact within the experience. This creates a great opportunity for the entire travel industry, especially for tourist destinations.

The influence of video marketing in tourism

mobile app China

Most Chinese consumers say that watching videos of products/services give them more confidence when making a decision, before booking.

The Internet impact and, especially, social networking is changing the way of communication in all sectors. Is becoming more and more important being part of the Social media of communication. Because it is not just about being digital but to understand the new decision-making processes of the consumer. The Chinese client wants to know first hand the brand and what experiences can be expected of it before the purchase.

Tourism sells emotions, experiences, passion, adventure. Video marketing is the best way to show these emotions and advance the experience that tourists will have. This environment offers endless options to attract and differentiate. Thanks to the audiovisual content, you communicate experiences, feelings, and emotion. Video or VR becomes a key element to attract a demanding customer. Its application is essential when it comes to generating engagement with Chinese customers, sharing service information.

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