Chinese tourism has definitely exploded over the years. The country is the first source of income for global tourism. As reported by the BBC, in 2017 the Chinese alone spent more than $ 200 billion while traveling abroad. These estimates will continue to grow, thanks to a noticeable increase in the middle-class population with greater financial resources. With these data, it will be necessary, for the hospitality industry, to know the methods to attract over 100 million Chinese tourists. Above all, in order to monetize this trend, the use of a digital marketing strategy will be essential.

Tips to attract Chinese Tourists

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) on Baidu

Another step is to appear among the first results of Baidu, the most famous search engine in China. Through the SEO, the probability of having reservations will become significantly greater.


Work on your Reputation Online

Online reputation is vital as Chinese users are almost completely influenced by comments and reviews when it comes to making choices. It will, therefore, be important to have a positive view of your structure through a good online feedback.

A strong presence on Chinese Social Media

The Chinese population and social media have a strong relationship. In this country, the word of mouth is a must for a greater visibility, because Chinese trust their social circle and are very influenced by others recommendations, experiences, and opinions. This is why 634 million users of China must be seen as a great advertising opportunity for your business, especially when it comes to Weibo and Wechat.

  • Weibo is a sort of Twitter, where the 500 million subscribers share all kinds of content, deciding what is in and what is out. It’s a very ‘open’ social network and is therefore very effective for marketers.
  • Wechat is multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app. A useful way to stay close to your customers who will gain exclusive content and discounts. They will bring a greater turnout to the brand sharing your content.

Prepare an authentic and rich content 

Using the right images and creating interesting content is a crucial step. You must choose style images and represent the culture. The same applies to contents, articles, and stories which should convey passion.

Kols is a great asset for business

Nowadays Key Opinion Leaders seems to be the most reliable source for customers. These influencers are the leaders of a large community so it is good that they give a positive comment on your hotel.

Collaborate with Chinese travel platforms

Chinese have different platforms than the western world, even for online reservations. Hence instead of join platforms like CTRIP, QUNAR, and ELONG. It is good to stay close to the local tourist agencies as most Chinese travelers book online through these agencies. Creating a powerful digital marketing campaign will increase the reputation of your hotel and as a result, the tourist agency will be more likely to sponsor you.

These are just the main bases, but if you want a digital marketing attack plan it is useful to rely on a professional marketing agency.

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