The Classic Off-line approach is not working in China

When you want to do business and attract a target from a specific country, the minimum you have to do as an ambitious and serious entrepreneur/businessman is to learn about the best channels to reach this target.

Stop Prospecting

Meeting with local Chinese travel agencies in order to seek partnerships, prospecting an email or phone database, etc, are the best way to waste time, money and energy while your competitors are using the right cost effective approach which is GOING DIGITAL!

One of our best clients was denying the fact that going offline is the best way to waste money and time, he went asking for a list of Chinese tourism agencies and tour operators, met 20 of them and came back to us.

 The result was terrible: Money and time wasted, but a vital lesson learned “You never contact B2B professionals and seek for partnership directly; they always check your digital presence, if there is no community around your destination or your company, and they will not risk partnering with you”

The only and most effective way to be successful in the Chinese tourism business

If you are at this part of the article, it means you are serious enough to think about doing business in China. These cheaty ways of doing business will only make you lose money and time.

Focus on finding a Digital Agency in China that will give you the right and proper guidance. It will spare you the effort of thinking in this complex environment.

Yes, China is the most tourists emerging country of the world, so either you take is seriously, by investing your time and money, or you stay doing local business with small waves of European tourists.

Chinese tourists will not wait for you to make the right decision, they keep traveling the world, and they keep being attracted by the smartest tourism professionals around the world.

Be serious enough, be ambitious enough and waves of Chinese tourists will invade you per year, guaranteeing the continuity and the evolution of your business. Keep in mind, they are too many and have money to spend.

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