Glendee Coconut Chips

‘Glendee’ is a Thai brand of snack. From real tropical fruit, they produce potato chips, perfectly crispy and sweet coconut chips and other varieties. Their main goal was to specifically attract Chinese tourists visiting Thailand rather than sell on the mainland market.



  • New Brand for Chinese Customers
  • Less Awareness
  • Less Reputation
  • No Potential Customer Community
  • Fierce Competitive Environment


  • Weibo KOL (Key Opinion Leader) campaign
  • WeChat account setup & shop & content management
  • e-Reputation
  • ‘Little Redbook’ Ecommerce Sales 




Weibo KOLs:

  • Average 2 million views per post on KOL videos


  • Daily Posts 
  • Video posts and sharing


  • More than 40 PR releases 
  • Ranked at the top on Baidu Search

Little Redbook:

  • 12 Influencers promoting on e-commerce platform

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