How online Chinese Celebrities can boost tourism destination ?

China is the country with the biggest number of internet users (634 Million or 45% internet penetration rate), who in average spend 25hours/week connected on the Web going on websites, watching videos and most importantly interacting on social networks!

With so much activity going on, it is only normal to see stars arise in what could be considered a parallel world. Those stars have big communities, sometimes ranging in the million.

Their influence is huge and can affect Chinese in their travel destinations’ choice.


When Mu Qi Mi Ya(母其弥雅) Travel in Maldives.

This Chinese celebrity is well known as a yoga master who posted online pictures of her performances. Such action granted her the title of “Most Beautiful Yoga Master by  Chinese netizens”.

maldives tourism

In the Maldives, Mu Qi Mi Ya enjoy the Mandala Yoga and meditation, walk barefoot in the fine white sand beach, feel the good temperature of the Maldives Island.

maldives promotion


Blue sea, sand is soft, if you wish, you can always take a bath into the sea, be a free fish in the ocean.


maldives yoga

Accompanied by the setting sun, taste mellow red wine, a toast to the beautiful beach at night;

maldives promotion stars

In the Maldives, I met a symbol of luck, hope that it will bring good luck to all my friends.

After seeing those dream-like pictures you can understand how influential a message coming from her could be to her 3 million followers on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of twitter

A blogger traveller explain her holiday in Maldives

I was never able to imagine such a house to live in, once you leave the room, you can hug the beach and the sea, this time it has finally become true.

girl beach House

At The Resort Maldives beach house, you just relax in bed, can look outside at the white sandy beaches and blue sea. Out of the door, is the beach, and then after a small walk on the beach, you can make contact with the crystal clear waters, ready to jump into the sea swim.Then, tired, just a small walk away, you have already returned to your housing, take a shower and, once clean, direct flew in bed. Alternatively, you can put some music, drink some wine, take a look at bikini girls outside the house, and really pleasant life …

maldives beach house collection maldives beach house maldives girl

These types of comments from this influential blogger depict a paradise like resort and trigger a very positive emotional response. In addition to the picture there is a sharing of experience that prove itself to be invaluable should you decide to use those celebrities in your digital marketing campaign to attract Chinese tourist since Chinese are very influenced by other people experience

A Chinese Actress in Thailand

The actress Huang Xiaolei(黄小蕾) has travelled to Thailand for a photo shooting  for a fashion magazine. Chinese netizens can see the actress  in the middle of the streets of Thailand, going to amazing temples,  wearing a relaxed dress, embracing a pile of fruit, like a flower fairy. Chinese people remark the porcelain doll-like and delicate face, her temperament look so elegant, and moving.

thailand promotion3










source photo @ 


A Chinese Model in Bali

Sunny beaches, blue sea, in the sea, take a spa to wash months tired of running water, and then give your body a luxurious pleasure. Sometimes buried with sand, quietly listening to the voice of the sea, the music is intoxicating nature not a beautiful metaphor, the creation of nature, man can not match the height. Moon, the sea, the sun, trees, food, singing, dancing, temples, hands, everything is full of beauty with pleasure, all eager pores enjoy freedom in the air, the beauty is a need for luxury, beauty everywhere, just to have a pair of eyes. If this wandering life in this luxurious beauty everywhere, so the meaning of life does not seem to need to think, dream life is the best.


Malaysia tour by the actress Hai Qing’s




Source [email protected]amourchine


As displayed above : using Chinese celebrities in a well designed digital marketing strategy can help conveying a strong emotional message that is always well-received by Chinese tourists for two reasons :

  • Chinese have a strong tendency to listen to other users’ experience before planning or booking anything for their holidays, the more influential the user the more trustworthy their word is. One can hardly do better than being a celebrity in that regard
  • Knowing that celebrities have been there gives them a reinforced sense of paradise, comfort and luxury that most Chinese are very much attracted to when they go abroad. As a consequence, a blend of beautiful Chinese women and paradise island works wonders in attracting Chinese tourists.


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