New Zealand: top destination for Chinese tourists

New Zealand is located in Island, it is a small country that can be compared to the size of Japan or Britain. This little country proposing wonderful landscapes and an amazing view of all the natural forest and mountains treasures that New Zealand is offering.

What a wonderful video, right?

Even the stunning pictures and video of this country, there is undeniably a consistent and successful marketing campaign behind it but how they succeed to attract Chinese tourists?

SEO Baidu 

SEO ChinaThe SEO Baidu is one of the essential key for travel agency in order to be well ranked on the Baidu page. The competition is rude between you and the others. You have to know how to use and optimize your SEO on Baidu. The traffic that generates Baidu website is really interesting to promote your travel agency.

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Social Media with the KOL’s


The social media is one of the best way to promote a travel destination because this kind of media is viral. This is the reason that can explained the present success of New Zealand and its attractiveness from Chinese tourists.

We have a really interesting example with the famous Chinese star Huang Lei collaborating with the Tourism New Zealand’s to lead the campaign called “Every day a different journey”.

Huang Lei and his wife went to spend romantic time in New Zealand and sharing these moments on its Weibo account through videos, pictures featuring them enjoying eating seafood, forest and beautiful landscape. The Chinese star has about over 20 million fans on his Weibo media account.

This campaign has generated a lot of traffic with about 710 000 followers engaging to the country’s content.


 The PKP program (Premium Kiwi Partnership) has the main goal to promote and develop New Zealand tourist’s activities. Within this incentive program, 12 tour operators and 19 China travelling sellers were involved. This kind of partnership is a really efficient way to increase the customers traffic in New Zealand.


Retargetting (or Re Marketing) 

 Most of the time, the retargeting banners concerning the travelling website are often used to attract potential customers. You have recently looking at travel website for planning to visit the beautiful country of New Zealand? But actually you didn’t take any actions yet.  Not so long time after your visit it, you would probably see windows banners that appears on your web page by promoting the country of New Zealand.

Why retargeting banners are really efficient to promote tourism activity?

When you are looking for travelling somewhere, most of the time, you will care about 2 things: the price and the place. It’s easy to attract people with beautiful picture and interesting price.

NZ hotel

To conclude, New Zealand has succeed to attract a lot of chinese tourists because of its understanding of chinese consumer’s expectations and by leading an interesting digital’s marketing strategy.

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