732% increase of Chinese tourists in Morocco!

As a Specialist of Chinese Marketing, but most importantly as a Moroccan, I had to write a special article about it.

Chinese Tourism Market

When we speak about China, we are talking about the biggest tourists emerging country in the world.  China is the largest business travel market in the world. If German tourists have spent 68 Billion USD and American tourists 284 Billion during 2016, Chinese tourists spend around 320 Billion USD a year.

Verdict: China is the Biggest Tourism Market in the world, Deal with it seriously. If you want to be a millionaire in three months and invest what you usually invest to get European tourists, China is not for you.

Chinese tourists are keeping a constant evolution rate of 20% each year; However, Morocco was lucky enough to be among Chinese tourists’ favorite destination after he waives visa for Chinese nationals: 732% increase at once is a never before in this business sector.

An opportunity to be seized by Moroccan Tourism Professionals and the Moroccan tourism authorities as well.

A Moroccan specialist of the Chinese Marketing:

I come from a Project Management background, with a master’s degree in Information Systems Management

Right after graduating, I started a Digital Marketing Agency in Morocco. I was young and didn’t have enough experience. It was a disaster but I learned enough to decide that it was not the right time.


3 Years Digital Marketing experience & 2 years in Consulting firms


After working for a couple of Marketing Agencies and Consulting Firms, I got recruited by Gentlemen Marketing Agency, one of the most well known Marketing Agency amongst companies that are willing to enter the Chinese market.

So I packed right away, and came to Shanghai..!


Basically, I help companies from around the world that are willing to enter the Chinese market to market their products or services; mainly by shaping Marketing Strategies and defining the best ways to enter the biggest and most fruitful market in the world.

Most of my clients are in the Tourism industry or the Distribution business sector.

GMA (Gentlemen Marketing Agency) has runned over 500 projects in various industries; almost 150 of these projects are tourism project. We are your bridge to China.

My Message to the Moroccan Tourism professionals:

  • China is moving so fast: BE FAST !

  • Forget the Classic way of doing BUSINESS: You have to invest a Minimum (it’s the biggest Tourism Market in the world)

  • Never Go OFF-Line: Stop Looking for travel agencies, Let Them Find You !

  • Never Work on Commission: You will be copied + Your clients will remember your partner and not you, ..

  • China is not for Non-ambitious Companies

  • You want to do good business?.. Contact me !

The Ultimate Guide to attract Chinese tourists:


Forget about the Off-line approach


“The Chinese Tourist’s behavior”


When you want to do business and attract a target from a specific country, the minimum you have to do as an ambitious and serious entrepreneur/ businessman/ government tourism official, is to learn about the best channels to reach this target. In China, the best way to it, is by having an Online Presence.


I know.., you simply want contacts of Chinese travel agencies, let me tell you why it’s a terrible idea:


One of our best clients was denying the fact that going offline is the best way to waste money and time. He went asking for a list of Chinese tourism agencies and tour operators, met 30 of them and came back to us to start a proper campaign.

 The result was terrible: Money and time wasted, but a vital lesson learned “You never contact B2B professionals and seek for partnerships directly; they always check your digital presence, if there is no community around your destination or your company, then they will not risk partnering with you”


Stop looking for Chinese travel agencies, Let them find you..!


Your Best Weapon in China: Lead Generation

A Lead can be a website visitor or a company asking for a callback, a brochure or wants simply to buy the product or service you’re offering. So by extension, Lead Generation is attracting visitors to your platform and turning them into customers. You will also be able to have all the information about a lead that approached you (name, email address, phone number, etc) even if he doesn’t buy your services, you can then prospect them in the future.


Like Moroccans, Chinese do care about your Reputation


After having access to an important pool of traffic on your website and a strong following base, it’s important that you work on your online reputation. Why? Because Chinese tourists will always rely on the opinions of others that have already tried your company’s services. Having a great presence on these platforms where tourists share their experiences is very important

 In China there is something called Mian Zi or the ‘’Face’’, which is a strong Chinese culture value. If they are engaging with something having a bad reputation it will badly affect their own reputation.


Chinese Social Medias:


It’s true; almost 99% of the western Social Media platforms are blocked in China, but they have their own social medias and they spend 40% of their time there (they even use them as e-commerce platforms) Some examples of these SMs are WeChat, Weibo, Qzone, Ren Ren and QQ, and 9 out of 10 Chinese netizens owns at least one account on social media.


WeChat is the most used social media in China, with more than 650 million users. Weibo is some sort of a microblogging platform (similar to Twitter in western countries), with more than 222 million active users.


In order to connect with Chinese tourists; you will have to be present on WeChat and Weibo to reach these people by creating Official and Verified accounts and managing them Well.


Why us?

I will make it simple: you can’t survive that long in China if you’re not useful to your clients.

 Like any company, Gentlemen Marketing Agency‘s goal is to make money, but the only way to make it is to make our clients make money so they can reinvest on us. By doing that, we simply grow together and create those Wonderful Success Stories.

CHINA will not wait for you:

‘’I want to work on commission”

“please find me contacts of Chinese travel agencies”

“I will wait until I am fully convinced that the Chinese market is the best deal”

“I want to attract european tourists at first’’, etc …

If you are still needing to be convinced that these methods will get you nowhere, you have to know that your competitors have already started business in China, and the more you wait, the harder it gets to enter the market.

Try, wait, take your time, and Chinese tourists will choose another destination/company , a company that is more Fast, Serious and Ambitious.

All the ingredients are there, you don’t even have to be adventurous or to risk something, just Get your share of the Cake!

Your feedback is more than welcome !

I will be pleased to share my experience with you, feel free to contact me !

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