How to promote your destination to Chinese Tourists with Fliggy?

What is Fliggy?

Fliggy is Alibaba’s OTA (Online Travel Agency). Fliggy has its own website but it is also easily accessible via Alipay, which is daily used by hundreds of millions of users.

Alipay is used especially for mobile payments but also for the other connected services (food delivery, taxi, booking flights & train tickets, and many more), and as it is the main tourism platform, directly available on the front page, the traffic can be very important on Fliggy.

The app was launched in 2015, and since it has the monopoly of tourism on the Alipay system, after only one year they already had 200millions users and the number keeps growing.

Its main purpose is to put forward some suggestions and improvement measures based on the user experience to meet as much as possible the individual needs of users. Fliggy acts as an OTA (Online Travel Agency) and tempts to eliminate the information asymmetry by connecting the travelers and the hotels and tourism companies.

Considering its fast expansion and important traffic, it is a key platform in the Chinese travel industry.


Fliggy, part of the Alibaba family

Because Fliggy has been developed by Alibaba, it benefits all the advantages of the Alibaba ecosystem, such as

  • Alipay
  • Taobao
  • Eleme (Take-out)
  • Movies

By reducing the intermediaries, the costs are cut and by centralizing the information in a categorized platform, the customer experience is even more appreciated.

Fliggy is Convinient to use

Since Fliggy is connected to AliPay, the payment process is facilitated and the customer does not have to worry about dealing with a new payment. However, as a company, you need to have an Alipay account in order to be able to receive money, which is also essential nowadays to attract Chinese customers.

On Fliggy Chinese travelers can purchase:

  • flights and train tickets,
  • hotels
  • Activities
  • Park Tickets
  • etc

The customer is prompted to book everything there since the platform is very complete in terms of travel. This also has the advantage of simplifying trip planning.

How to promote your touristic Destination on Fliggy?

Make your cover attractive

For each hotel and activity available on Fliggy, the first picture has to be very attractive. Why. You want users to clicks on it, not on the competitor’s suggestions. Once on the page of your brand (hotel or tourism activities), Chineses travelers have to picture themselves using your services. The photos are very important, don’t shy away on them.

The beauty of the place is very important. The photographic potential of your destination/hotel has to be very high because taking pictures is an important part of the trip of Chinese travelers. They take many pictures and videos of the place, of them doing the activities, in order to share them with their relatives and social media.

Live Streaming Tourism is now a big thing

As it is very popular in China, Fliggy is using live streaming tours to promote monuments, public places, in Europe and China at the moment. The idea is to promote destinations for when it is time to travel again. Livestreaming is a fun and engaging way to promote your services/destination. A little bit like a movie trailer would tease you.


To attract Chinese Tourists You need Good e-Reputation

Chinese travelers, as much as Chinese users need to be reassured and for this, they do not trust the reviews of official entities and institutions, they only believe in the feedbacks of the previous users.

Your brand needs to have a good overall grade so you can be highlighted by the platform on the home page, or you will appear on the top results because Chinese users often filter their research with the best ratings.

Having many comments and reviews is also very important because the more reviews your services will have, the more the Chinese customer will be willing to come to you. The Chinese customers follow the trends and the more you have reviews, the more it will be attractive for Chinese travelers.

Competitive Prices

Due to the variety of options on the platform, it is important to be competitive on the prices. Having the lowest price will be suspicious for the Chinese traveler but being the most expensive will not attract them.

Indeed, Chinese’s income has increased in the past few years but the customer would not like to pay a high price for service if he can have a similar result for a more interesting price.

Making discounts is also a good way to promote your brand because when filtering the results, the customer can decide to display only the discounted offers.

However, the Chinese customer needs to have the feeling that he is making a good deal.

Special days on Fliggy

In China, there are many special days for many various occasions, both traditional and modern (festivals and commercial dates), and for most of them, it is the perfect occasion to set up adapted commercials, and therefore a great way to attract the Chinese customers.

Most of these dates are holidays or an opportunity to celebrate and spend money, such as

The most famous one has been settled by Jack Ma the founder of Alibaba, Single’s Day (11.11). You may think that it is limited to eCommerce but it is much wider than that. Every B2C industry has to offer a discount on those dates.

Therefore, there are strategic moves to make for each of these days. In order to promote your brand to Chinese customers, you have to adapt your to the Chinese Festival Calendar. Spending money on this date is an institution.


Fliggy alone is not enough to attract Chinese tourists

If registering your point of interest on an OTA was enough to get customers we would all be very happy. However, the truth is that marketing a destination/ hotel/tour is more complicated than that.

Just like you, Chinese travelers are decisions maker and they take a lot into account before making a decision.

  • Price
  • Photo worthy destination
  • Convenience
  • Build your E-reputation with Word of mouth.

We talked about Price, beauty, and Convenience earlier which are Fliggy’s strengths, unfortunately, Fliggy does not tackle e-reputation enough.

Increase your e-reputation to maximize your Fliggy ROI

E-Reputation is the way you are perceived online. With the rise of the internet, it has become necessary that you work on your e-reputation and credibility if you want to get Chinese travelers. Here is the thing, people will find you on Fliggy, check your reviews and the next step will be Baidu.

  • Word of Mouth: Having people talking about you online: KOLs, Press releases, forums, and Q&A such as Mafengwo.

So what to peoples check on Baidu?

  • Website. It is in mandarin, does it rank?
  • Wechat account. Wechat as become so mainstream that it is weird not to have an account
  • Forums Are peoples and community talking about you on forums.
  • Media outlets: Are tourism media mentioning you often?
  • Kols on various platforms such as Xiaohonshu, Weibo
  • Social Media: Are you active on social media? Are people engaging with you?
  • Do you have videos on Youku, Bilibili, etc
  • etc

The more information they can find about you, the better. Not only use Word of mouth but also ORM (Online Reputation Management) to make sure the content you want to rank first ranks first and to deal with possible bad reviews.


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