The tourism sector offers a huge source of profit. China is the largest tourist market in the world. In 2018, Chinese tourists spent more than US$ 261 billion in the tourism sector in the USA. More and more transactions happen online :sell a product or service. That means if you are out of China, you can still promote your country to Chinese tourists through china’s digital channels.

This article provides you useful information and tactics on how to catch super-rich Chinese tourists.


Chinese shoppers use the internet, they are curious, like to spent time discovering and exploring. That’s why china’s shoppers rarely make the e-commerce site their destination. They go online through digital channels to be enjoyed, to educate themselves, to discover new products and brands and to share with friends. Several times every day.

Develop your Chinese Website

A website is the first action required to let your customers know about you. This website should explain what the Chinese want to see, the site should make them dream without traveling, information about the country. The more useful information you have, the more visitors will attract your website.

The SEO on Baidu is MAGIC!

While Google is the dominant search engine in most counties, it never had a very strong position, only 2.3% of all searches in china happen on the western search giant. To be truly successful in Baidu SEO, you will need a deep understanding of how to optimize for the search giant. However, optimizing for Baidu using the same approach used for Google. Baidu SEO comes with its own unique challenge environment, cultural differences, technical considerations. Does your website have content written in the natural Chinese language? good content is the most important when it comes to SEO.

SEM is always very IMPORTANT!

BAIDU SEM pays per click is a useful campaign to get visitors and leads.the cost is high in the sector of tourism. You pay to appear and attract visitors just click.

Never start without Chinese SOCIAL MEDIA

Many Chinese customers or travelers use social media to discover new brands and products. Validate the product of quality through reviews, comments. Write a review about the products or experiences.


Wechat is the most powerful and multi-functional digital in china with more than 1billion users, it is like WhatsApp (messaging app), social newsfeed feature (facebook).  It is similar to Facebook in the sense that you can engage your customers or attract new ones by providing them useful content and receive reactions such as like, comment, share.

But once your articles published will be sent to your follower’s inbox as a message. This is the difference between facebook and wechat. Therefore, the contents you create should be interesting, useful to convert the interested audience.

Tourism is a kind of product. You can make more use of photos, videos to show how beautiful the destinations are as well as educational articles, trips, how to book, how to maximize the experience. You can imagine many contents you can explore to attract Chinese readers to your destinations.


Weibo is the second-largest social media in China with more than 170 million active users. Information gets to be seen and spreads out more broadly and faster than on wechat you don’t need to be a friend of somebody to see his updates or follow an account to read its content. Your search results are not weighted based on friends.

How to communicate on weibo?

  1. Opening an account,
  2. Publishing interesting content, picture or video
  3. Interacting with internet users


Use key opinion leaders to emphasize your communication is a powerful tool to influence weibo users. these key opinion leaders have millions of followers. Use their community can be an advantage to improve your business.

Many destinations became famous because stars who share their holiday in one city or hotel. Companies want visibility, invite stars, bloggers to increase the popularity of their place.

DOUYIN: Yes you CAN!

douyin is increasingly popular for the tourism sector for its highly visual. Douyin is used for best content, and short video,  This is App, is a space to show off creativity.  The short video app allows users to express their feeling on the destination they’ve visited by creating a 15second music video.

ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: you can’t live without IT!

Peer is highly influential in china. Les History of scams and fraud have pushed Chinese consumers to trust the opinions of their peers even more than those of brands or media. It permits the development of forums where users discuss, share, learn about any topic.

That is the best place to promote your country and influence people.


It is a social media travel platform in China. Users come to share or read detailed travel guides, tips and all information about a destination like hotels, activities, shopping. Mafengwo has helped 120 million Chinese travelers and is considered as the Travel Bible of the young generation.


The Chinese online agencies: Alitrip,, Lvmama,,, and Tuniu. It is important to have your tourism service registered on these sites.

In conclusion, to attract luxury Chinese tourists you should have important visibility in the website, create content unique, you should put yourself in the lead of your target. To offer hem extraordinary digital content through different social media.

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