How politicians can help you attract more Chinese tourists

Celebrities like KOL, artists, media anchors are often cited as great ways to attract more attention and more positive comments. This is crucial in China where everything revolves around trust, C2C reviews and social networking. A third category, not often cited would be politicians. Political leaders have a strong influence as well. A good example would definitely be the current Chinese political leader, Xi Jin Ping. Wherever he goes, the tourism industry, undergoes radical changes

 Where Xi Jin Ping goes, tourism landscape changes

The Chinese president Xi Jinping influence is remarkable. He just have to smile after eaten a local specialty to make the restaurant or the cooka celebrity. In the same way, when one of his traveled roadis publicized, for many travelers, it is regarded as a pilgrimage road.

Xi Jinping became president of China during the country full growth and development period. For much, he would have guided a lot of transformation initiatives.

As a result, he has a significant impact on Chinese tourism in continental China and even sometimes beyond. Xi Jinping brought for small industries in this field and tourists some happiness. Here 7 manners used by the president to influence Chinese tourism.


Cuisine expert

The Chinese president becomes an expert in a chosen domain. If you like to eat the same pig-blood noodles than the president eat, you just have to go in a noodle shop based in Fuzhou, Fujian. This shop become famous due to the president Xi advertising in their favour. In 2014, Xi Jinping declares he really loves this dish since he try for the first time two decades ago. Thanks to the president, the shop owners can see an increase of their customers.

Same story in 2014, this time with the Gutian city who begin to promote their “Red Army rice” just after the president eat a bowl. An increase of 80% of tourists’ visits was reported.

spécialité chinoise

Dumpling marketer

In December 2013, during Beijing Qing-Feng visit, a steamed dumpling shop, the president paid by himself his lunch, a bowl of steamed dumplings. After that, the dish became popular in China and the shop a tourist site. A 90% increase orders were reported for all different Qing-Feng branches in Beijing.

However, against incredible odds, the shop became also in China, a popular protest site.

 Tour de Xijinping

Maldives publicist

The Chinese president Xi says during his official visit to Maldives in 2014, that Chinese tourist in overseas, have to act like more civilized persons. The president also asks them to not destroy the Maldives coral reef by throwing bottles everywhere. His emphasis on the fact that Chinese tourists have to eat less instant noodles and more seafood from the Maldives. After the president’svisit, Maldives welcome more Chinese tourists.

Visite politique

Xi Jinping, himself a marketing campaign

The president’s effectiveness to attract and influence Chinese tourists is very spectacular. If a country receive Xi Jinping, certainly, the Chinese tourists will help the economy of the country. New-Zeland, Sri Lanka, Australia or South Korea can feel the effect and see a growth of Chinese tourists after Xi Jinping visit. For example, in Sri Lanka, during the holiday of National Day, some packages tours were totally reserved after the visit of the Chinese president. Sina, the Chinese online agency, to promote the places visited by Xi, create a special travel page.

A decrease of gamblers in Macau

Macau, the Chinese Las Vegas seem like a special place with a high stakes to high government officials, change its image after the Xi anti-corruption campaign. A reduction of 28% of gamblers who used to wage minimum 125 000$ was reported.


A lovebirds makers

The famous West Lake romantic lakeside views based in Hangzhou will reduce its number of seats to give more privacy for couples. The benches are currently very close to each other and cannot grant some privates moments for lovebirds. The idea was introduced by Xi Jinping.

Chine Riviere

His influence passed to his wife

Peng Liyuan, first lady and the Xi Jinping wife have also a big influence on Chinese tourists. The mall or shop visited by her became popular, famous and can increase their profits thanks to Chinese tourists.


Politician, and Chinese politicians even more so, are great for attracting tourists from their own countries. China is a country reputed for its state controlled media that have to relay the propaganda from the governement. This means that they have to relay every single appearance of Chinese leaders. With China massively going digital, it includes state supported online media agencies. Therefore, a company in a destination that would soon to be visited by a Chinese leader would indeed need to be ready and have a digital marketing strategy ready, especially a SEO and Social media campaign to be well positioned when Chinese will check out the country their leader will go to, whether for protesting against hime or wanting to know more about the event. Should your country soon be visited by any proeminent political figure let us and we can help you design a strategy to benefit from this event.

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