How destination can attract Chinese investment ?

The countries (destination) of the world each have a different power of influence. China is a country with a population of 1.386 billion. Therefore its power of influence is increasing according to the impact its population has on the rest of the world.

Countries are taking care of their image on the international scene in order to encourage others to support their economy, especially in the tourism industry.

First of all, let us look at the impact that the Chinese tourist population can have on the world.

This map highlights the most popular destinations for Chinese tourists. We can thus notice that the targeted countries are located in the Pacific. These are the neighbouring countries.

Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Australia are countries well known to Chinese tourists.

These countries are little bits of paradise, strewn with incredible landscapes. It is the fine sandy beaches, lush nature and rare animal species that attract tourists. This is why this kind of country bases its economy on tourism.
And China is a major contributor to this!

Indeed, Chinese tourists are so numerous to travel and spending money there that they are involved in the economy of these countries.

China is therefore a major contributor to the economy of these countries. The economic support is precious. Many destinations may need this infatuation of Chinese tourists in order to make their economy flourish.

Chinese investment oversea


source China briefing & Business insider


Then how do you make a destination attractive to Chinese tourists ?

Your company is located on the European or American continent. You need to find a way to reach your audience.

Opt for a targeted digital marketing strategy.

Targeted digital marketing strategy

First of all, you need to work on your visibility. The Chinese market is a rather closed market with its own way of operating.
If you don’t establish yourself there in the right way you will be invisible to your public, or worse, the image you will send back will not be the one you wanted at the beginning.

When professional plan to expand oversea… they make their research.

And where is the first place for Chinese to search?


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


SEO, what’s that?

It is a set of techniques to optimize your ranking on the internet.

These techniques vary depending on the search engine you are using. Do you know which search engine is used in China?

No, it’s obviously not Google.

It is called Baidu

Baidu is the most used engine in China, it is also the third most visited site in the world. So if you don’t know it or don’t know it well enough yet, it’s time.The tool has its own ways of listing sites. In order to make yourself visible to the Chinese public you need to learn these techniques in order to implement them.

To learn these techniques, expert advice should be considered. This video will help you to understand the tool.

Once you are visible in the searches of your potential customers. Your site will have to catch their attention.

Your Website for the Chinese Market

SEO is the first step, but you will have to keep working to establish yourself on the market, and your website will help you to do so. But to do so, it must be adapted to the target audience. Indeed, codes vary according to the country.

First of all, you have to translate your site into Chinese because no one will make the effort to do it otherwise.
Then, you need to set up an adequate visual. The rendering of Chinese sites is a bit different from what you are used to. So you can use what your competitors are doing to give you an idea of how you could adapt yours. Marketing experts are also very good advice since they know the Chinese culture and have experience.

For more information about building your Chinese website you can read the following article

Once you’re visible and you have a website that makes sense. You will be able to focus on your advertising.

You will be able to advertise via other sites linked to tourism. But you have to focus on another kind of advertising. Something that will establish trust and transparency between you and the client. The KOL.

KOL or Blogger in China

The power of influence we talked about at the beginning of the article comes back here again. The Key Opinion Leaders are people with that power. They should not be neglected because they could be of great benefit to you. The principle of KOL is that they have a large number of followers who follow their lives every day. Thus, they have a certain power of persuasion over this community.

Can you imagine if one of these people posts a photo, video or comment about your destination? The impact would be huge.

Advertise on Social Media in China

Therefore, it is essential that you get in touch with these people in order to offer them a deal. They will be able to display themselves in your destination and thus advertise you even more effectively than a cookie on a web page.

You will have understood that a whole range of techniques has to be learned before you can enter the Chinese market. These techniques are well known to our experts.
They will be happy to help you. Whether it is for simple advice or case studies, we are at your service to consider a brand new digital marketing strategy for your company.

Massive PR campaign

If you want to reach and influence the maximum of business people, you have to be quoted by a maximum of business media in China. 
PR is an art… the art of appearing in front of their eyes… un an undercover way. 



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