How a chinese customer search for its holidays ?

How a chinese customer search for its holidays ?

The Chinese are now about 100 million each year to travel around the world. It is therefore necessary to know more about how the Chinese tourist is preparing his trip. 630 million Chinese connected most enjoy doing their shopping online. There are two major holiday periods for Chinese: during the Chinese New Year which usually takes place in February and the festival of the Moon late October. We must then promote marketing campaigns in both periods to attract as many customers as possible.


Step 1: BAIDU

Baidu Baike

In China, people live in a digital age still growing. Many internet users are connected from their smartphone. When they need a service or a product, the first reflex of the Chinese consumer will be to log in and make a research on Baidu, the Chinese search engine. Baidu offers multiple features, lots of informations. You need to be well optimized on Baidu for Chinese customers find you easily, being in the top research sites will be able to boost your sales and win customer trust. To attract Chinese customer, choose a site in Mandarin to help him in his search. You can also make an SEO campaign to gain visibility.

For example, the consumer would organize his next vacation. It will therefore try to find the best travel destinations, how to get there, prices.

Step 2: Internet Sites

window malaysia

To organize your trip, Chinese consumers will be attracted to sites whose visual appearance is rather well presented, aesthetics. He will visit sites such as tourfrombali, Australian Website. Tourism sites should enhance their site, it’s very important to have good content and lots of pictures to illustrate your words, to make the Chinese customer travel through your words. By showing the different landscapes of Indonesia and especially Bali, the customer will have an overview of his journey, of what he might consider doing once there. With a few clicks on the site, the client will be able to feel if it is a destination that attracts him or not and thus influence his choice. Therefore it is essential to make sure the appearance of the site is clean and put relevant words to persuade him to come. by visiting the various sites, the Chinese may thus choose his destination for his next vacation and learn as much about the destination.

Step 3: Forums / Blogs / Social Networks


The Chinese like to check the information and hear from other consumers on different social networks. On blogs and Chinese forums can share their experience or services they may have, it can help others have the same experience or otherwise prevent him from making a mistake. Mostly, they will go on QQ Zone, Sina blog, Weibo to get their information.
The blogs will be able to have either a positive or negative influence according to information found by the user. The consumer may decide to choose this destination or not depending on what he read.

Step 4: Offers


The time has come to book your journey. The customer has chosen its destination and will look for deals and offers online. Indeed, Chinese consumers are big fans of E-commerce. They like the fact that with one click they can compare different offers at prices often very competitive. To make a reservation, Chinese consumers will use two main platforms: Ctrip and Elong. Ctrip has 53,8% of the market share, chinese trust this website for their travels.

At least 70% of bookings are made online, so keep in mind that the tourism market on the internet is a very competitive market in China.

Step 5: Online Payment Facility


Wechat wallet

With the explosion of e-commerce, online payment applications were born. Indeed, WeChat or Alibaba have created their own means of payment which is very popular among Chinese consumers. The Wechat Wallet and Alipay are very convenient, you just need to add your credit card into the application and then you can enjoy it, by ordering a taxi, booking a restaurant and airplane’s tickets. The Chinese like things that facilitate the task. So pay while remaining connected to their mobile is a brilliant idea! Money is completely dematerialized here: we just have to scan a QR code to pay, no need to get the credit card it’s magic.

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