Education in China: 6 strategies to generate leads!

6 strategies to generate leads in Education in China !

Online education in China is a very important market. Chinese people are getting more and more focused on the education of their children. As we all know, education is one of the most important keys to success. Therefore, parents do not want to do any mistake when it comes to choosing the school of their kids.

Therefore, the education field in China is a flourishing market, and many companies want to get into it. Here are some tips for you to handle this field!

Master your content

When it comes to lead generation on the online education market in China, it becomes very important to master the content available on your website. Indeed, in general it is already important to get your content right, but especially in the education field, it becomes crucial because you must not do any spelling mistakes. Otherwise, your leads will run away!

On your own website, your articles must be clear and precise, and they must always have true information. If it’s not the case, you will not gain the trust of your leads, and then, they will not come to you and will not want to contact you.

Advertise your website on Baidu

Baidu Zhidao

In the education online world, if you want to generate leads, you must be seen. If you are not seen, leads cannot come to you, it’s unavoidable. Therefore, in order to get some leads, you must get some good visibility for your website. Having said that, visibility is not an easy task. But there are some ways to manage it. One of the most obvious ways of dealing with it is to do a PPC campaign. What’s PPC campaign all about? Well it stands for Pay Per Click. PPC will be much more efficient on Baidu, and cheaper than on Google. Indeed, a foreign brand which is seen on Baidu will have more chance to be considered as a famous one and will bring more traffic and more leads towards the website in itself!

Therefore, it is a very good idea to do PPC campaign for your website when it comes to education.

Do SEO on Chinese Search Engines

In order to catch many leads, you can also choose to do SEO on the different Chinese search engines. The Chinese search engines can be Qihoo 360 ( for example, but Baidu is the best among them all, as it is the most used one.

SEO will allow you to see your website very well ranked in the top search when you type the according keywords in the toolbar. SEO experts can help you to sort this out, so that you can see leads flooding to you. Contact us !

WeChat’s newsletter to attract more students


A very good way to attract many students to your business is to use WeChat. Yes, WeChat is the most used social media across China. Therefore, a huge number of student use it too. So you have a great opportunity there to generate leads. When you have your official account on WeChat, you can choose to provide a newsletter to your followers. Then, they can choose to contact you to get more information and details.

Thus, to generate leads in the education world, you must not omit WeChat !

Online learning in China is becoming more and more popular

Use videos

It is also a good idea to use videos. Indeed, videos are the latest trend when it comes to generating leads. Sometimes, your potential clients can be a bit bored to read your content. Thus, providing them a quality video will allow you to keep them on your website and to get them interested more easily.

Meet and exchange

Finally, the best way to convert the leads on your website is to meet and exchange with your customers.

In this way, they can notice how reliable your brand is and how trustworthy you are. Exchanging with your potential clients is a great way to gain their confidence. In this way, you must always keep in mind that you need to provide an area on your website in order for your leads to contact you. It is a crucial point. If they can’t contact you or if it’s difficult for them to fin it out, you will never convert leads…

Contact us if you want to improve your lead generation rate !

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