It’s a New Market for you!

There is no doubt, everyone who’s reading this article is a professional in his field of expertise (Travel agencies, Hotels, Resorts, Tour Operators, etc…). Once you’ll receive groups of Chinese tourists, I am more than sure that you will provide the best service/experience ever.

Be serious enough to learn

Thinking about the Chinese Tourism Business is a sign of ambition, but even with 20 years experience in the Tourism Business, when entering a new market like China, there is so much practices that you will still have to learn before doing business in China.

Commission, useless Commission..

No Marketing Agency will accept working on commission to market your business in China. They have rents, bills and employees to pay. Working one month and waiting for the first wave of clients to contact and book on your business is just impossible for them.

On the other hand, while Chinese B2B partners will be happy to work on commission, I wish you good luck finding a partner without ANY digital presence. (This article explains why!)

Be ready to be copied

If some Chinese travel agency accepted to work with you on commission without having a community seeking you service (it’s generally low level travel agencies), it means they will gladly take your tours, services and business model, they will copy it, and start selling it 2 times cheaper.

They want easy business by any MEANS!

Do you want one-shot or continuous Business?

Those who work on commission with you on China will keep the database of the potential clients that contacted them, this Database is priceless, they can sell it, they can use it for prospecting, etc…

The final scenario: if a miracle happens, and your commission partner has sold few bookings per year (by few I mean 4 or 6), those clients will be faithful to him. It means they will recommend him to their friends and relatives.

Throughout history, those who adapted themselves always survived.. Be fast learning and reactive, this is all what it takes to win the hundreds of Chinese Tourists per year!

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