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It is not always easy to break into the Chinese tourism market because the competition is very fierce and especially when we know the market dominance by some strong players such as Ctrip, How to compete with such players in the market?


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What you Should know with Chinese Travel Agencies

Some will turned their choice to those famous travel Chinese agencies offering you an interesting package with help concerning all the Chinese visa procedure … etc. But the question remains, is it profitable for you?

Unfortunately there is a flip side to every coin, working with these tourism agencies, presenting several disadvantages: not so much flexibility regarding and not so profitable margins. Among these agencies, the largest are: Agency of international tourism of China (CITS), the China Tourism Agency (CTS) … etc.


The idea is to captivate by yourself potential customer’s attention, how? We are living in the booming of digital age, where everything is going through the online. 80% of Chinese users make their purchases online, this percentage is included trips researches. Adding to this, a potential of 680 million Chinese users on Internet users.

Marketing to Chinese Travel Agencies 

Here we will show you some tools to help you promote your online travel agency.

An attractive website with quality content

Chinese tourists

If you want to attract your customers, you must have an attractive website with quality photos.

You need to make your audience dreaming about the destination you’re selling. Do not bet only on stunning photos but also on the practical aspect of your website by giving some tips, where to go, must see places… etc. And trying to add videos in order to make your customer live the experience as close to reality as possible.

Here an interesting article about how to attract Chinese customers you can click here.

For example, take a look at the official website of tourism in Australia:

It’s a nice looking website that combines dream destination and also tips.


Promoting content

This is one of the most important point on which you should focus your strategy. How to promote the content?

  • SEO

Here is the essential SEO, if you want to get a good ranking on Baidu or Google, you need to optimize your SEO. Most of people will look on search engines to compare offers on Internet between travel agencies, this is where the keywords great battle begins. Continuing with our example of Australia, if you are properly referenced on the word “Australia Travel circuit”, you can get a good ranking on Google or Baidu. But a good SEO is not based only on the right keywords but also in a efficient SEO strategy. How?

– Produce content with quality backlinks related to your website (internal, external and social connections), you can optimize that content by producing a maximum of articles for example on a subject related to kangaroos in Australia. You must ensure that other qualified websites is referring you in their articles or on social networks.


– If you want to optimize your SEO on Baidu for example, you must have the TrustRank reflecting the quality of your content.

  •  PPC / Baidu advertising

This is the paid method that allows Baidu to pay for every click you receive an Internet visitor. It’s a technique that works pretty well on a short term and allow you to boost the activity by spot results.

  • Social networks

Most of Chinese people is searching on social networks before making any decision. Social networks is one of the primary sources of information for Chinese. However, regarding the tourism sector, it is better to focus on a well-established SEO strategy rather than a costly marketing campaign on social networks.


However, social networks are a good way to boost your marketing campaign using other supports that can also be interesting.

To conclude, it is quite possible to promote its travel agency by optimizing on a good digital marketing strategy without going through the process of travel agencies.

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