Digital Marketing Agency in Shanghai (China)

How do we help you to promote you brand in China?

Gentlemen Marketing Agency is a leading performance-based digital agency based in China(Shanghai).

Online Platforms for Brand

We register and manage your restaurant on the platforms.

Online Reputation

Management of the image of your brand and answers to the questions asked by the users on the forums.


Baidu SEO

We increase the results of your brand on the search engine



We will send you a detailed report every month and an analysis of the results.

Who are we?

Gentlemen Marketing Agency is a digital marketing agency based in Shanghai. Our agency has a profound understanding of both western and Chinese culture simply because our members are professional culturally-conscious marketers from both the West and China.

As a result, you can find outstanding efficiency and ROI (Return Of Investment) in our service. Besides, to make sure that our clients can use the latest marketing tools, we always keeps up with the latest marketing trend in China.

Our people who are trained to taking new challenges

Our team pushing themselves and learning everydays new knowledges about Chinese Digital Strategies.

Behind the scenes our international Team will support and explain you our campaign.

By integrated set of digital technologies we work smoothly to optimize Digital campaigns in China and supply accurate report (results & insights).

The quality of our work(view case studies)  has already attracted  the world’s most forward-thinking companies in China  including Avene, L’Oréal, Guerlain, Onlylyon …

Digital Marketing at the heart of marketing in China

Our specialities for Chinese Audience lie in digital platform creation, digital promotion :

  1. Paid & Organic Search Expert
  2. Performance Display & Media Buying
  3. Content Marketing & Chinese translation
  4. Viral Marketing Campaign
  5. ePR & influencers

Today digital Marketing at the heart of marketing in China, Social engagement is the big challenge of Brands.

We create and rebuild connections with customers, inventing and developing new digital platforms – and most importantly increasing business performance.

Digital transformation drives everything we do. Every strategy and solution we develop is rooted in affecting positive change, both in how businesses operate and how they interact with their customers.

We deliver the full value of Digital Marketing for Chinese Market only

Gentlemen deliver results, not just strong sales performance.

It is brand building, long term strategy, that engage Chinese customers, and generate leads.

Success is digital in China.

Digital Marketing in China  is about showing the right message to right person. Gentlemen Team is focused on integrated digital message including wechat marketing, media planning and retargetting, social Media and search engine Marketing.


We recruit the Top Chinese Talent !

Our team is based on strategy planners, tech specialists and content experts help businesses  deliver their digital futures.  All of our specialist work in competitive environnement, multi-disciplinary tasks, collaborating to help our clients think “digital”  and react fast.

With more than 35 digital specialists in Shanghai (China) 2 offices.We are experts in strategy for Chinese Market, webmarketing Campaign and content.

We love what we do.

You have a Project ?

If you have a Project and would like to launch a Digital Marketing Campaign in China, do not hesitate to contact us and drop us an email, we will be glad to have a meeting with you to understand your need and can give you the best Digital solution. 

We are the most Visible Online Marketing Agency in China

We Work on KPI and ROI. We Make Money when You Make Money

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of the frequently asked questions about Chinese Tourism Marketing.

Why Should You Invest Online in China?

The Chinese market amounted to more than 540 billion US dollars in China. With the increase in wages, the Chinese middle class spends a bigger part of their income on leisure like going to a bar, restaurant and cinema. In China, about 9 in 10 have an account on Chinese social network.

It is important to invest online because China is the most connected country. InChina, there are over 649 million users and 80% of them use their smartphone to connect. For a brand, it is more appropriate to promote online rather than through traditional media.

Why use Baidu Rather than Google?

IWith Baidu, SEO is completely different than Google. The way the first page is structured is so particular that a heat map of will show users habitually clicking next page to find automatically high-ranking content.

The main difference between Google and Baidu is the latter privilege priority in Chinese characters sites. Using these characters is paramount to your site and for all SEO campaigns.

What’s the right time for me to start a search engine marketing campaign in China?

Don’t wait too long, because now is the right time to start a SEO marketing campaign in China. With nearly 900 million Chinese internet users and more than 500 million of them using major search engines, the potential Web audience is so large that a strategic approach to capturing your share of that market is great.

Obtaining higher rankings in the major Chinese search engines(Baidu) is one of the most effective marketing tools you can implement in China.

Is influencer marketing appropriate for every Brand?

If your audience is on social media, an influencer marketing can work for your brand. There are, some cases that are more challenging than others but with the right tools and expertise, any influencer marketing campaign can be a success.

If you want to do an influencer marketing campaign but don’t know if it suits your brand, We are there for providing you the best influencer influencer marketing professional and they will help you put together the perfect strategy for you. The beauty of influencer marketing is that you can tailor your campaign to fit your company’s needs and objectives.

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