A Chinese tourism specialist based outside of China?

Hundreds of Agencies around the world present themselves as China specialists. Most of them are based in Europe, North America, Australia or even India (those cheap fake leads providers)

They are close to the customer – they meet you every day, drink coffee, they are nice


Can they provide results without actually being on the battlefield?

They present themselves as business consulting agencies for China, digital agencies specialized on the Chinese market, digital specialists in specific industries (Chinese tourism market, Chinese luxury market, Chinese social medias, etc…)

China has the most fast pacing markets on the world. How can an Agency based outside be Updated?

Be realistic, choose wisely! The Chinese market is different and in constant change, how can the European based company be aware of this complex ecosystem?

Fake expertise VS real results

Even if you have been in China for 10 years, and decided to create your company in Europe, you can’t pretend to be a Chinese market specialist.

The first thing a specialist should be aware of is  : Chinese Market is Changing so Fast!

This article is for the non-aware entrepreneurs/businessmen, but if you are at this stage of the article, you have been already aware!

Even in China, you should look for the HONEST ones !

Expensive ones are selling wind, cheap ones are not serious. If you are a good entrepreneur/business man, stay at the Good Deal Area

More than 500 Projects, Various Business Sectors, Worldwide clients, 150 clients only in Tourism = That’s Us !

Gentlemen Marketing Agency, a Shanghai based Agency, Sino/European staff, Chinese expertise with european honesty. A result oriented Agency and a long term partner!

Contact-us, let’s talk about your project, start the Real Good Business in China !

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