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Western insurance in China

To develop insurance and pension infrastructures while financing infrastructure projects outside its borders, China wants to tap into national savings. With Western-style expertise, the Chinese financial sector, which is now mainly focused on its local economy, wants...

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Problem of the Maldives to lure Chinese Tourists

To revive the tourism economy, countries are trying a variety of approaches to welcome new tourists. read also The Maldives reopened to tourists — and its hotels have some ideas to lure you back      Indeed, three main trends are emerging: Confining tourists...

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How Brands in China choose their brand ambassador?

Today we will focus on one case study, a Chinese KOL and a cosmetics Top Brand.  When key brands such as Estée Lauder appoint a new Chinese brand ambassador, they should be watched closely, as this is likely to have an impact on the competitive luxury landscape. But...

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How China will change the global Trade?

China, the world's second-largest economy, was the first to be affected by the coronavirus epidemic, forcing it to stop traveling, close its stores and theme parks, impose masks in public and encourage the public to distance themselves from society. Today, the country...

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