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Beauty Codes Are Changing in China

Magnificence codes stay inflexible in Chinese society. A pale appearance, cone-molded face and red phoenix eyes, whose external corners slant upwards, are a portion of the properties generally esteemed in female excellence. Extra measures got from the Western...

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Mafengwo Key for Malaysia to Get more Chinese Tourists

About Malaysia Tourism Landscape Malaysia needs to draw in 30 million universal travelers before the finish of 2020 — a goal-oriented objective considering the nation brought 10 million when the new century rolled over. While the moves of Tourism Malaysia may appear...

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Lantern Fest Shines Light on Chinese Culture

Lantern Fest Shines Light on Chinese Culture Even though Indianapolis has a little Chinese populace, the capital city of Indiana has started facilitating various China-themed occasions with an end goal to support the travel industry. Most as of late, it facilitated...

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How UNIQLO lure Chinese Consumers

  Disorder hit Chinese strip malls this past June when another KAWS and UNIQLO cooperation dropped. Mannequins were stripped, KAWS hashtags stopped up the advanced wireless transmissions, and recordings of developed men fighting over shirts turned into a web...

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