Australia and New-Zealand actively seek Chinese tourist

The newly wealthy young Chinese are educated, technically inclined, sophisticated and travel extensively for experiences and shopping. As per the report published by united nation’s world tourism organization, in 2013 Chinese spent a whopping US $ 139 billion, more than travellers’ from any other country. Also the number of Chinese travelers went up by 14 million from the previous year , to reach a total of 97 million, thus making the Chinese travel market lucrative and attractive to the global markets.

The rise of Chinese disposable income

Today, Chinese have more disposable incomes with the meteoric rise of their economy. This has led to urbanization, increased use of internet, online businesses all of which have contributed to the increased willingness and the ability to travel extensively. The earlier generation of Chinese travelled mostly for shopping, but the educated and suave young, new Chinese travel for experiences.

Chinese tourists prefer to go to beaches and cities

Though, Chinese like to travel extensively across the globe, they have a special preference for beach and cities. As such countries with beautiful beaches, oceans, etc. such as Australia, New Zealand have always been on top of the wish list of Chinese travellers. This was also supported by a survey conducted by Hotels.com, on 3000 Chinese travellers who expressed their interest to travel to Australia in a year, than to any other country. New Zealand also is on their list of preferred destination for travel.

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The Australian friendly welcome is powerful to attracting Chinese tourists

Australia and New Zealand are trying to make the most of the economic growth in China. A survey conducted by Tourism research Australia revealed that the number of Chinese tourist visiting Australia has increased to 646,779, as also their spending in Australia increased to US$ 3.4 billion.The Australian’s friendly and warm attitude towards Chinese is an important factor Chinese want to travel to Australia. Australia offers safety, security, history, culture and everything that Chinese travellers are looking for.

Australia increases its budget in the tourism industry in the hope of getting an even bigger slice

Chinese are flocking to Australia, bringing along revenues for the tourism industry there. Australia has been marketing tourism to china extensively allocating 25% of its budget for promoting tourism Australian in small and big cities of China. To bring in more tourists to Australia, from China, tourism Australia has teamed up with Southern Airlines of China which using the slogan of “Australia, it’s not that far” promoting Australia to Chinese.

China is a great source of tourists for New Zealand, with 1.2 million Chinese tourists visiting NZ every year. New Zealandhas made similar arrangements to promote tourism, they have signed an agreement with China Southern Airlines to carry more passengers between the two countries. Also, New Zealand has also eased the visa rules for South China airlines frequent flyer card members, those with gold, and silver cardholders. According to the agreement these cardholders can show their travel history for the past two years, in-lieu of statements’ showing funds for covering their expenses in New Zealand. With the success of this rule, New Zealand government is considering entering into similar arrangements with other airlines such as Air New Zealand.

The power of this agreement

Chinese simply love any kind of promotion and deals, even the most symbolic ones. This is because it makes them feel like they were cunning enough to benefit from a better deal, something that is in their culture since negotiation is part of their daily life. In addition, making Chinese tourists feel even more privileged with this agreement is even more powerful:

Simply having to show their travel history it strikes the ever so important “face” in a good manner. On the other hand the airlines that struck that type of deal benefit from an increase in brand image since they can be seen as the brands that make deal with whole countries and take great care of their premium member. This is something Chinese tourists like very much.

As a result : potentially more VIP Loyal customers for the airlines, something very valuable when you know that actually Chinese are amongst the least loyal customers in the world. Australia, by setting this agreement up, especially targets the rich Chinese. Why may you ask? Well, this is because frequent flyers must be rich in order to do so. Granting privilege to frequent flyers means granting privileges to rich Chinese wanting to go to Australia. Ultimately this deal should increase the number of richer Chinese tourist.

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How to exploit the full potential of this agreement:

When a company strikes a deal like this to attract Chinese tourists, it is necessary to advertise it the right way, using the right channels.

  • Advertising it on the airline and government website
  • Publishing online press releases
  • Posting questions/answers on Baidu Zhidao, the equivalent of Yahoo! QA to make sure that people know about this.
  • Posting those news on the airlines official account on main social networks like Weibo and Wechat
  • Posting content about this agreement on travel specialised platforms such as Qyer
  • It is also needed to keep track on the Chinese tourists reactions to observe how effective an agreement like this can be and adjust the message to be sent in order to exploit this 100%

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