Australia is the most desired destination for Chinese tourists.

The Colosseum of Rome, the Tour Eiffel of Paris or the Big Ben of London are no longer the preferred destinations to Chinese travelers while these days, the Opera House in Sidney or the Great Barrier Reef of Australia seem be the most desired holiday destination by Chinese tourists.

Australia has become the favorite holiday destination among Chinese travelers in 2014.

The number of Chinese tourist has increased over the last few years due to the emergence of a newly middle class with biggest disposable incomes and an easing of restrictions related to travels by the Chinese authorities.

As reported by the Tourism Administration of China, 26.4 million of Chinese tourists traveled in the first three months of 2014, that means a growth of 17 percent compared to the same period in 2013.


This year, Hotels.com has published a survey called ‘Chinese International Travel Monitor’. To create the report, Hotel.com has interviewed 3.000 Chinese citizens who had traveled abroad at least once in the last five years. The interviewees had to respond questions about their travel habits and destination choices in the questionnaire.

The survey results show that Australia is the most popular destination to Chinese holidaymakers while France occupies the second place and New Zealand is in the third place of top destinations.


Around 55% of all interviewees chose either Australia or New Zealand as their preferred destination, however the potential travelers of these countries are not the same. While Australia is appealing to an older Chinese demography, New Zealand attracts younger Chinese tourists. As example, 56% of respondents who choose Australia as their wished trip destination are older than 35 and only 41% of them are younger than 35.

Australia was also selected as the “most welcoming” country for Chinese tourists, followed by Singapore and France in second and third place respectively.

Europe was the most popular continent on their wish list including countries such as France, the U.K., Switzerland or Germany. European countries accounted 75% of all answers.


The U.K. has improved its position on the top destinations for Chinese travelers in comparison to the last year. The reason of this increasing popularity could reside in the British government’s efforts in order to attract Chinese tourist such as a simplification of the visa process.

There are some factors that Chinese travelers have in consideration when they are choosing a holiday destination. According to the report, in 2014 the most important factor for them was the safety, probably due to some safety issues which happened this year such as the Malaysia Airlines tragedy, a coup in Thailand and riots in Vietnam.


When it comes to the reasons why Chinese tourists decide traveling, shopping is one of the most important reasons for them after sightseeing and explore the local cuisine. Those three activities are an essential part of the travel experience for Chinese holidaymakers.

Nowadays, Chinese tourists are more willing to travel overseas and they have become the main source of tourism cash over the world. Because of that, all countries over the world are trying to attract these profitable tourists.

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