Social media play a vital role in the Chinese daily life, therefore marketing strategies have a great impact on hotels benefits.

Hotel brands are fighting to attract Chinese travelers and the social media strategies seems the solution.

China becomes the country which provides more tourists into the worldwide and Chinese are the travelers who more spend in their trips. That is the reason why hotels are trying to catch them.


Due the hard competition between hotels to attract Chinese tourists, many hotels are developing social media marketing strategies to reach them in an effective way.

Develop a marketing plan:

Firstly it is necessary design a marketing plan. The purpose of create a marketing strategy is to have different actions and information will be coherent between each other. In this step it is essential establish the goals that we are seeking. These goals could be brand awareness, increase the revenue, engagement or customer services. Brands can have more than one objective but is crucial recognize them in order to develop an efficient social media marketing strategy.


Design standard operating procedures:

Chinese are constantly connected to social networks even when they are traveling and one of their habits is writing comments about everything that they are consuming such as products or hotels. The opinions they share could be positive or negative and for hotels are necessary manage the negative ones.

For travelers, the first impressions are very significant and therefore have a plan for crises it’s become essential in order to act fast.


Before any issue could happen, companies must have a plan and standard operating procedures in order to control emergencies, crises and consumer service failures. This is an important factor when companies are trying to market any business, however is a vital factor when tour communication efforts are aimed to Chinese travelers who probably can not speak English.

The destination is the key:

Hotels must develop their strategy and content around the destination, because that is the main interest for tourists. Also they have to increase the destination’s attractive and at the same time guarantee to consumers that the hotel will help them to enjoy the experience.


For Chinese tourists is important receive information about the destination such as transportation or how to arrive to the popular attractions.

Provide information about what is important to travelers:

During their trips, the Chinese are interested in more activities than visit the famous places. For Chinese tourists is important have access to information about shopping opportunities, local restaurants and transport.


Provide interesting content:

An important factor during the social media marketing campaign is to offer an interesting and useful content to customers.For this, you must understand the mind of your Chinese customers and send them an adapted message. Social platforms such as Sina Weibo or WeChat can help you collect information about what is attractive for them. Once you know the interest of Chinese tourist, it’s time to start to create content based on that information.

Be social:

The purposes of social media campaigns are start and join conversations in order to provide value. It’s a good strategy allows costumers share pictures, check-in to locations or leave comments about services, because they are desirous to contribute their information.

Create official accounts:

Ensure your account is official because Chinese audience trust more in brands with verified accounts and therefore they will know that you content is official.

Hire a professional agency:

An agency with qualified professionals with the experience and knowledge necessary will develop an effective social media marketing strategy. If you want to develop a marketing strategy focused on Chinese outbound Chinese tourists, don’t hesitate to contact us, we can help you to attract tourists.

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