5 Best ways to sell on Taobao

Taobao operates an online marketplace according to the C2C model. This means that individuals and small businesses can sell their products through their “stores” on Taobao. According to Alexa, Taobao is one of the most popular e-commerce websites and the largest in the world.

The perspective of “peoples, goods and markets”.

The most important thing is to specialize goods. Taobao lived on the ecommerce platform. This platform is behind Taobao’s 18-year accumulation of goods capability and business resources. The second is anchor specialization. The second is the specialization of anchor. It is also the specialty of the field. Taobao Live field gives consumers a shopping mindset. With the help of emerging technologies, new scenarios like virtual anchor or Lianmai PK are possible.

Businesses have been the dominant role in Taobao’s live broadcasting. This is due to their natural ecommerce gene. There will be over 1000 live broadcasting stations covering nearly 100 million people in 2020. The number of business broadcasting rooms is slightly more than the talent live broadcasting room, but it’s still a significant portion of live broadcasting.

The performance of new brands in live broadcasting is extremely bright among the business teams. There is also a strong upward trend in the start rate.

New brands are bolder than traditional brands in trying new channels and the investment in Taobao Live Broadcast is generally higher than for traditional brands. They were born in the age of content ecommerce and are adept at quickly trying new channels, building talent, and then running out. This is a great skill for brand development. They also actively seek out their own broadcast channels in order to attract and keep loyal customers. Taobao has launched more than 90% new brands, according to data.

Positive investment in live broadcasting has also helped accelerate the rate of new brands entering market. The transaction volume of new brands will rise by a significant margin in 2019, and it will continue to grow in 2020. In 2020, the turnover of new brands was 329% higher than in 2019.

1. Taobao livestreaming

Taobao’s live broadcast has seen a period that was exploratory, followed by a rapid rise after being removed from the circle and then a period where it crashed due to the epidemic. The market has returned to calm and the platform is now in a phase of steady development.

Live e-commerce has entered the second half of the century, when pigs cannot fly anymore. “Specialization” is a powerful tool in this industry to keep Taobao alive and a leader.

2. SEO on Taobao Pay attention to keywords

Online shoppers will use the search bar to find specific goods. It is important to define keywords for each product.

Different buyers may search for the same product using different keywords. How can you get your Taobao business to appear on the first page search results?

Keywords could be brand, model, product features, promotions, product characteristics, adjectives describing product, shop name and credit rate. These keywords can be combined with many combinations, such as store name + model + brand; Promotions + commodity attributes. This will require research on the most searched keywords in Taobao and insight from industry professionals.

3 Develop a Taobao promotion – Ads system

The most important factor in determining demand for goods is price value. Promo discounts are one way to attract buyers.

Taobao has a solution for promotions with a page that focuses on the best promotion available in Taobao shops.

4- Douyin KOL

Live-streaming and KOL Marketing are both hot trends in China. Many brands are looking for ways to combine them through Douyin, China’s fastest-growing short video app.

Douyin can be used to stream live and create short music videos with effects. It was launched in 2016, and now users can view around one billion videos per day. Most viewers are younger than 24 years old and come from Tier 1 or 2 cities.

Market commentators believe that the app’s rapid growth is due to the intense interest of KOLs (key opinions leaders). Tik Tok, which is also available overseas, has seen the platform expand.

Douyin is used by big brands like Audi, Pizza Hut, and Michael Kors. KOL campaigns are used by some brands for promotions. Douyin’s most distinctive feature is Challenges. These hashtags are designed to encourage users to create and share their own videos or music for prizes or rewards.

5- Focus on your community

Build a solid community of fan that will buy and share news of your brand and share discount to their circile. The IWOM (internet word of mouth) is very powerful in China

7 steps to opening a Taobao shop

Connect your Alipay account
Complete identification authentication
Promote and market your store and products
Opening a Taobao shop can be difficult if you don’t understand Chinese. It is only available in Chinese. To help you navigate the setup process, it is a good idea to work with Chinese partners.

You can also sell your products through Chinese sellers. Many small businessmen would love to have your products sold on their websites. To find business partners, you will need to reach out to them individually through the platform app.

Many agencies charge between RMB 20,000 and 30,000 to register your company in China. The application process can take up to six months. source

Chinese consumers looking for foreign products might prefer to shop on other platforms like Tmall or JD… rather than Taobao.

Taobao can be described as an e-commerce site that sells domestically manufactured products.

You can partner with local traders or merchants to see how your products perform in China through Taobao. This platform doesn’t require any initial investment and does not have a rigorous application process, like other platforms.

Taobao Store

Non-residents of China cannot open bank accounts in Chinese banks. This is except in two situations: When you are a student who stays in China on a student visa; or when you are employed and have an employment contract that includes a work visa.
Register for an AliPay account.

You will need to provide your personal information, including your passport number, Visa number, bank card details, and your photograph with your passport spread (KWC) in order to register with AliPay. A phone number that is registered to the same passport you used to open AliPay account will be required.

Register on Taobao.

Taobao as well as AliPay are part of the Alibaba Group holding. Your personal data is stored in the shared cloud. You don’t need to reregister on Taobao. Instead, you can use the AliPay app to access the marketplace. Taobao has a mini-program built in (same way in WeChat).

Register to become a seller with an AliPay account already linked.

You can set up a storefront and choose a design with the built-in assistant Ali Wang Wang. This tool also allows you analyze incoming traffic and makes recommendations to improve your selling performance.

Sales and registration through a legal entity Selling through a legal entity is similar to selling through an individual. However, you will need to have a Chinese legal entity and an account at a Chinese bank.

What are the requirements to start a Chinese company?

Application for a business license
Office rental contract
Passport copies
It is not possible to create a virtual company to sell on Taobao, but you can set up a postbox business.

Before you can apply for a business license, you will need to rent the office.

Also, you will need to open a bank in Mainland China that you can later link to your Taobao.com shop.

Registration of legal entity in China

Non-residents can register on condition that they submit personal details. Registration takes between 60 and 60 days, depending on which zone (there is an ordinary economic zone and a free economic zone).

License for export and import (if you plan to sell imported products)

It is possible only after registering a legal entity. This can take up to 30 days depending on which product group you wish to import.

Account at a Chinese bank

After submitting the license of your Chinese company (also known as Ying Ye Zhi Zhao, yingye zhizhao), it can be opened in 15 days.

Register on Taobao link your Chinese legal entity

You will need to attach copies of your charter documents as well as the personal details of the company representative to link your legal entity. The representative should also be available to answer calls and confirm his/her identity.

You can set up a storefront and choose a design with the built-in assistant Ali Wang Wang. This tool also allows you analyze incoming traffic and makes recommendations to improve your selling performance.

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