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girl12012 is the year when the Chinese tourists became the biggest spendthrifts of the world during their journeys abroad. A strength of even more powerful consumption is to be planned in coming 25 years. In spite of the fluctuations of stock-exchange market and the devaluation of the change, a slowing down is not necessarily to be planned in view of the increasing demand of the Chinese travelers to operators tour specialized in luxury tourism

422 billions: the size of the outbound tourism market in China

According to the report “Global Chinese Shoppers: The $ 200 Billion Opportunity” published by Fung Business Intelligence Centre (FBIC) Global Retail & Technology and China Luxury Advisors, Chinese tourists spending will exceed $ 200 billion this year and should be multiplied by more than double in the next five years, and so $ 422 billion.

234 million trips abroad

Just this year, Chinese tourists will take nearly 234 million trips abroad, with Europe and the United States in the top of the list.

The rate at which Chinese tourists has opted for foreign travel is explained by many factors such as the continued growth of the middle class, measures to facilitate access to tourist visa – including the duration of tourist visa- and that a strong demand for study abroad.

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The best Destination for tourism

Among the favorite destinations of the Chinese, we find Hong-Kong, Europe and the United States, with for every destination a budget going to 2500€ and projects of specific purchases.
Hong-Kong and Japan will be preferred for purchases in electronics, Europe attracts for the depth of its products in many categories, such as clothes, shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, accessories, food, and also tobacco and alcohol. The United States and South Korea are also attractive for clothes and cosmetics and Thailand allows numerous food purchases.

Finally the study highlights the importance of the average income in the choice of the destination, the richest favoring Japan and Thailand and the others, Hong-Kong and Taiwan with for common between both categories, South Korea.

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