3 keys to understanding the Chinese Traveller

Unlike the individualistic West, Chinese are influenced by the members of society, as a result their actions, behavior to a great extent are influenced by society, peers, etc. Chinese travel not only for relaxation and fun, but also to increase their social status. Traveling abroad for fun increases their personal pride and prestige among peers back home, in addition, it helps them learn about foreign people, places, and experience the culture, as well! Also, it gives them a sense of satisfaction that they have spent good amount of money on a foreign trip.

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Travel was predominantly a luxury that was affordable only by a wealthy few.  With the changing times, rapid economic development, liberal thinking more and more Chinese belonging to all ages, genders, and financial status are able to afford a vacation, a trip abroad. According to a UN report, Chinese rank number 1 in the world for their spending on international tourism. According to a survey conducted on Chinese tourists and international hotels, to find out the effect of Chinese tourism on global markets revealed that sightseeing is the preferred activity of Chinese tourists, with an inclination to stay at 3-4 start hotels. Also, it is found that Chinese travellers to New Zealand are the highest spenders there.

It is estimated that in 2013 about ninety-seven million Chinese went abroad, this is an increase of about 14 percent from the previous year 2012, the number is expected to grow further to a hundred million by 2015. This number stood at 10 million in the year 2000, the rapid economic growth, resulting in increased disposable incomes, urbanization, and finally relaxation of austerity norms by government allowing foreign travel have all helped an increasing number of Chinese travel abroad. This number has risen so much that now for every 10 international tourist’s worldwide, you can find at least one Chinese.

Chinese Tourists hail quality not quantity

Also, there is a trend towards the quality of these trips undertaken, as against quantity. Earlier, it was believed Chinese usually travel through the cities in a large gathering in buses, to cover most of the places, sightseeing. Chinese now are looking for a memorable experience, looking to spend quality time in a foreign country. Also, this new type of Chinese travelers prefer independent travel as against group traveling habits’ of the older generation. Among the popular countries for Chinese to travel to would be Hong Kong, East Asia, Thailand, and increasingly Europe. more information here


The new Chinese tourists are independent

Leading this new generation of travellers are the independent ones, they are young, preferably post 1980, and rich, as well as tech savvy. The Chinese economy grew at a very rapid pace in the last decade or so. This rapid economic growth has created many billionaires in the country, with so much wealth flowing in the country, the Chinese travellers are splurging on their overseas travels, earning a nickname of “walking wallets”. Businesses across the globe are eager to cash in on this luxury travel and spending trends of Chinese, for example hotels and retailers are hiring Chinese speaking staff, and are making efforts to accept union pay payments.

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